22 October 2019

High Court of Gujarat Civil Judge List of Eligible Candidates for Preliminary Exam 2019

High Court of Gujarat Civil Judge List of Eligible Candidates for Preliminary Exam 2019



Teachers working with Key Stage pupils might, for instance, focus on the subject content of science and develop science skills from these areas of experience.

Niradhar Vidhva Sahay Yojna Pension Scheme Gujarat 2019 | Application form | Widow Assistance Certificate Farm And Circular-2019

Niradhar Vidhva Sahay Yojna Pension Scheme Gujarat 2019 | Application form | Widow Assistance Certificate Farm And Circular-2019

Niradhar Vidhva Sahay Yojna Pension Scheme Gujarat 2019 | Application form  | Widow help form as well as circular download | Widow Assistance Certificate Farm And Circular-2019

In the case of the government, which is not yet re-married under the VHP scheme, the monthly assistance of Rs.1000 / - was provided to the widow's help in the case of son of less than 21 years of age, but the widow's widow's age is 21 years of age. Bund was done, and women who are 21 years of age are requested to take advantage of this help. Such requests were made to "deny" yare case.
But from the date of 08/03/1999, the government has revised the scheme to the extent of Rs.1,20,000 / - in the rural areas, and the income of less than Rs.15, 000 in urban areas, Even if you can apply for help,
Thus, Vighwa women from the age of 21 years of age can also be benefitted from this scheme.
Due to earlier son being 21 years of age, the benefit of the scheme will be availed by renewing the rejected application.
The assistance which was received in monthly aid was Rs. 1000 / - and now it has been increased to Rs. 1250 / -.

Nomhong - Contact the Mamlatdar office of the Social Security Branch in the area related to the benefit of the beneficiary assistance. Serp up from 01/04/2016.

Request to share this post as much as possible so that the needy women can take advantage of this scheme.

Purpose - As you may be aware that after the death of the husband, many women lose their confidence and better livelihood opportunities. Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat government has launched the Widow Sahay Pension Scheme. This pension scheme provides financial assistance so that these women can survive efficiently. Many beneficiaries are added by the Social Security Department every year in the state of Gujarat.

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Key Factors of Gujarat Widow Pension Scheme:
  • It is a 100 percent government funded scheme.
  • Pension amount will be given on monthly basis.
  • This scheme will provide better livelihood opportunities to widowed women.
  • The widow pension scheme will cover every beneficiary of the state.
  • The application form will be accepted through offline mode.
Application Fee: The application fee is only Rs 20.

Required eligibility and documents for Vidhva Sahay Yojana Gujarat:
In order to apply under Niradhar Vidhva Sahay Yojna Gujarat, widowed women must have the following eligibility and documents.
  • You must be a native of the state of Gujarat.
  • And you must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Application (as per Annexure-1/86)
  • Affidavit (as per Appendix VIII)
  • Income Certificate (as per contract 3/86)
  • Widow's Certificate (as Appendix 4/86)
  • A certificate of death of the applicant's husband
  • A report signed by the Patwari or Municipal Councilor
How to apply for Vidhva Sahay Yojana Gujarat:
Registration process - State widows who wish to apply for the Widow Assistance Scheme (विधवा सहाय - योजना.). They have to first go to the official website of Gujarat Social Security Department and download the application form at sje.gujarat.gov.in. Or click on the link below and download the application form directly.

  • The application form for Gujarat Widow Pension Scheme can be downloaded by clicking on the link given above.
  • Now fill this application form with all the necessary details.
  • Also attach all the necessary documents (as mentioned above).
  • Finally submit this application form to the Social Security Office.
  • Subsequently, obtain a Certificate of Acceptance from the Gujarat Social Security Department.
Selection process: After submission of the Widow Sahai Yojana (Vidhva Sahay Yojna Gujarat 2019) application form to the regional office, it will be verified. After approval from the concerned department, you will be selected as a beneficiary and the pension amount will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis.

vidhva sahay paripatra: Paripatra From Here.

21 October 2019

Htat Babat News reports

Htat Babat News reports
Htat Babat News reports
Cloud data security is important because you want to make sure that your data is protected while being stored in the cloud. Many high-profile hacking cases mean that this problem is relevant to many business owners, but the reality is that your data in the cloud is much safer, and security for all cloud storage services is a very high priority. Enterprises moving to the cloud require reliable cloud security. Security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and cloud computing is no less at risk from the local environment. Cloud storage lets you store your data in cloud storage, not space or surroundings. Some companies are still taping or storing their data backups or storing them at the nearest remote location. In the event of a local failure, this may result in both backups being destroyed. Cloud security prevents this problem because data is stored in remote locations, protecting your business from the risk of data loss. For this reason, it is important to work with a cloud provider that provides the best-in-class security system configured for your he first level of cloud protection is provided by security groups. This is the most fundamental aspect of centralized public cloud security management. The security group manages the rules that allow traffic. Contrary to traditional firewalls, who control traffic based on the rules of permission and denial, security groups only accept the rules and should not rule out the rules. There are no rules to restrict movement; The absence of permit rule works as a rebate.
Cloud security groups are really reminiscent of the firewalls we had in the 90s. In those days, host-based firewalls were located on the server itself, and if you cracked the server, you also got access to the firewall’s security settings. Similarly, the first level of cloud security is directly related to the server (for example, in the context of cloud architecture). In the case of older firewalls, after entering an instance, the management of the associated security group (s) becomes available, posing a significant risk that could endanger the security status of the cloud. In this way, enterprises use more stringent cloud-based network security management tools. 
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Htat Babat News reports