04 November 2019

Fix pay Update

Fix pay Update
Fix Pay Hearing Update

  As soon as the court hearing begins this day * Govt. On behalf of Aetar's General Venugopal Rao's junior, Rao Saheb, arguing in another court, asked for a pass over * (last stated when the court time was saved).
          On this side Yogaxam asked to set a date instead of a pass over.

 On our behalf, Bhushan said that * since the government received the stay against the High Court verdict in this case, govt is enjoying its stay * and the pass over next date is doing so, which upsets my asylum and government employees. So that the case should now be completed on time.
       So the court has fixed the date of 3/5.

  As the court's arguments came to an end, Rao Sahib stood outside the court. Seeing that * Bhushan saheb told them that your such tactict is not right * You have got to stay ...
  From Team Fix Pay
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