24 October 2019

Whatsapp New Updated Feature

Whatsapp New Updated Feature

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has been giving new features to its users from time to time, now a new feature has been added to this list, this feature is a new light splash screen feature. The company is set to release this feature for Android users soon.

This new light splash screen feature of WhatsApp has been spotted on beta version 2.19.297 of Android. According to WABetaInfo, the website that tracks WhatsApp's features and updates, this logo will appear with a white background when the user first opens WhatsApp.

The new update to Beta version 2.19.297 also features a light splash screen feature as well as a dark splash screen feature. The dark splash screen feature also looks exactly like the light splash screen, with both backgrounds having the same distance of the bus color, where in the light splash screen the logo white will appear as black in the dark version.

WABetaInfo checked the new beta update for Android and said that the Dark Splash screen feature was in the works, and not yet available for these users. According to reports, the Dark Splash screen is part of the Dark Mood development, and this is expected to come soon.


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