01 November 2019

Good news for people using Google Pay.

Good news for people using Google Pay. Google has added biometric authentication features to this digital wallet platform. However, Google introduced biometric security alongside Android 10, which has now been rolled out to the online payment system Google Pay. Previously Google Pay users had to enter PIN for the transaction, but after the new update it has been changed.

Good news for users using Google Pay
Good news for users using Google Pay

Google has now provided biometric API support, allowing users to now use fingerprint authentication and face authentication to transfer money. This new feature will work faster than PIN.

According to the report from Android Central, although this feature will work in the same phone, which works on Android 10, the Android report says that this feature will be launched soon for Android 9.

Users will find this new option under the Sending Money section currently in the app. The user can select either PIN or biometric options, thereby securing the money transfer process. However, be aware that biometric security features are provided for money transfer only. This app will not work for NFC payment at any store, the user will have to unlock the phone. This new feature has been rolled out with a 2.100 version.

As you can tell, Google Pay was re-branded in 2018 and launched. This was introduced by upgrading the Best Tez app on UPI. At present, the app has 67 million active users in India.

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