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Saturday, January 11, 2020


Education Article
Hello friends This blog gives all the updates regarding education. Specifically, various updates on primary education are provided. This post also contains an article related to education. After reading this article it is also given a relevant PDF. So you can download and study. The link is also provided in this post so you can download. You will find the post of such education in a blog called .

This is an article of education. In this article you are given the news about secondary education. You will learn about secondary school. Be able to share education information with your friends. This blog also contains teaching articles and images and PDFs.

Hello friends Here you are informed about the schemes put forth by the Government of Gujarat. In this blog you are given information about various government schemes. Helping those in need is informed by the government. This article is written for those who want to avail of special government scheme. Here is an article for friends who want to get people to know about various schemes. And a PDF containing the information is also placed. You can download and read this PDF.

Hello friends Here is an article giving information about unit test. This article gives you the latest information about the unit tests taken in the state of Gujarat. In which article is presented for the unit to be tested every Saturday.

A unit test of standard 3 to 8 is organized every Saturday. In which children are evaluated by unit testing. Children's abilities are realized through assessment. Every teacher has to conduct this unit in a test school. The unit test is conducted by the state government preparing the paper.

The Gujarat government conducts a unit test on various subjects in standard 3 to 8 every Saturday. In standard 3, unit tests of various subjects are conducted. Similarly, unit tests of different subjects are organized in classes 3 to 8. In which teachers understand the achievements of each child. And can perform therapeutic work.

The unit test is held every Saturday with the aim of improving the quality of primary education. In primary school, this unit is becoming very useful in education through testing. Standard Wise Subject Wise There are different unit tests conducted. Which is very efficient. These tests are taken regularly by the teachers and remedial work is also done by regular examination.

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