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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Teacher Vacancy news

Teacher Vacancy news

An official of the department of education said that the vacancies to be filled in the coming days include the recruitment of 3200 primary assistants in secondary education, 8000 education assistants of secondary and higher secondary education and a total of 2000vacancies of various cadres associated with higher education. After March, a total of 13200 vacancies will be recruited. news-views gujarat thuosands-of-post-to-be-filled-in-school-colleges-in-gujarat-after-march
The official said that more than 3000 education assistants will be recruited for the first time as more vacancies are left in primary education. The retirement season is now in the government schools. With over 2500 teachers retiring every year, the number of teachers is decreasing. Given the schools and the department, the state currently needs more than 20,000 education assistants who…

As the number increases by 20% of teachers retiring every year, the idea of ​​recruiting 2000 assistant professors has been started.

He said that the recruitment of education assistants in the primary schools would be done by the Director of Primary Education, the recruitment of education assistants and the recruitment of the teaching assistants would be done by the Higher Education Commissioner. The worst condition in Gujarat's education is that of primary education. The number of teachers is declining compared to the number of children in schools, while the shortage of principals and professors at the secondary level is becoming a headache for the government.
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