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Thursday, April 30, 2020

A person who has been in illegal possession for 12 years will become a property owner: Supreme Court

A person who has been in illegal possession for 12 years will become a property owner: Supreme Court
The Form of Rights is the most important form in the revenue record. This is because the occupier or account holder has the main record of how the land rights have been acquired and since then the land transactions have been continuously recorded in the rights register. The list of rights is kept in the form of a diary

Inherited from first registered and unregistered documents, oral confessions, all other private rights and public rights as well as public rights as well as the rights of the mortgagors of the owners of the land acquired in another way, the farmers (Ganotia) if the land is counted, or the authority to collect revenue. Details of all government land rights are given.
What is a charter and what are the things noted in it?

The rights form is a solid register kept in the diary sample (in village sample no. 4). In which he registers after all the private rights to the land If unregistered writings are obtained by inheritance or otherwise, the rights of unauthorized occupants, mortgagors, etc. are recorded.In addition, the public is aware of the rights and disputes of others. It is also a record of the liability of the occupier if the revenue accounts are kept on the basis of this charter.

What kind are there? Frequent changes in land rights and its entry are common 

(1) Family verbal sharing

(Ii) From the gift of Mohammedan Law Anwar and from the sale, sale release, bounty, gir, shangiro, registered document of conditional sale

(2) In case of death of the person whose name appears in the title deed as occupant, from the right of inheritance if the applicant receives it from the registered or unregistered (last) will of the deceased.

(4) Permanent ownership of government land under the orders of competent revenue officers or the Government.

(V) Converting agricultural land into non-agricultural land

(2) Conversion of land acquired under new condition or limited power type to transferable power type i.e. old condition.

(2) By acquiring the right of calculation on any agricultural land

(2) To settle the land if GB is repaid

(2) By order of the Civil Court.

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