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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Workers-students will be able to go home! Home Ministry announces new guidelines

Workers-students will be able to go home! Home Ministry announces new guidelines

A lockdown has been imposed in the country to combat the threat of corona virus. Many people in the country are trapped in other places due to the lockdown. These include migrant laborers, pilgrims, tourists and students. As well, the Home Ministry has announced new guidelines for those trapped. The Union Home Ministry has allowed the movement of stranded migrant laborers, tourists, students, etc. to different parts of the country.

The order issued by the Home Ministry said that all the states and Union Territories should prepare standard protocols for sending people trapped there to their home states and repatriating their citizens from other places. That is, now each region will be able to bring back its citizens trapped in other regions and send itself to its territory to the citizens of other regions trapped there.

However, those who wish to go will be screened. They will only be allowed to leave if they do not show any symptoms of Covid-19. Buses can be used for transportation of people. Once the buses are sanitized, they will accommodate people who follow the rules of social distance. No state will prevent these buses from entering its territory and allow them to pass through.

People will be checked by local health authorities upon arrival at the destination. Outsiders will not be allowed to roam and will have to stay at home in quarantine. They can also be admitted to hospitals / health centers if required. They will be checked from time to time. Such people have to use the health bridge app to monitor their health.

What's the matter:

Coronavirus infection is on the rise. Lockdown has been implemented in the country to prevent transmission of Corona virus. However, following the lockdown, many migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists and students were stranded elsewhere due to travel restrictions as well as closure of public transportation services.

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