Diksha Portal par COVID-19 Ni Basic Talim Babat Latest Circular Of Bhavnagar Date-14/05/2020

May 15, 2020
Diksha Portal par COVID-19 Ni Basic Talim Babat Latest Circular Of Bhavnagar Date-14/05/2020

In India, there are over 10 million teachers. The diversity and complexity of student background and learning levels in an Indian classroom cannot be overstated―every one of our teachers has to navigate this every day. Over the past several years many state and central government initiatives have been attempting to strengthen the capacity of teachers so that they are better able to deliver meaningful instruction to help students achieve their full potential. It is now time to consider implementing solutions, initiatives and innovations at scale so as to positively impact the professional lives of all teachers in the country. Teachers should have easy access to teaching and learning resources, and opportunities to develop professionally, if they have to fulfill their central role in the education of our children.

National Teacher Platform (NTP) branded as "Diksha" is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It is a state-of-the-art platform built to host Open Educational Resources (OER) and tools for Teachers in Schools, Teacher Educators in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) and Student Teachers in TEIs. It is built considering the whole teacher’s life cycle - from the time student teachers enroll in TEIs to after they retire as teachers.
Covid-19 Basic Training

Teachers can access relevant personalised professional development training anytime and anywhere
Teachers in Schools can use the curriculum-linked resources to prepare for class or use them to teach in the class, while Teacher Educators in TEIs can use it to deliver blended training

  • Cluster & Block Resource Personnel can use standardised observation tools on the NTP to provide need-based coaching support to teachers and do continuous training-needs analysis
  • NTP infrastructure shared amongst many states will avoid duplication of efforts and save costs
  • Teachers will have access to their own personalised workspace where they can plan and track their progress including courses completed, performance in tests etc.

  • Student Teachers in TEIs and contractual Teachers will be able to take courses on the NTP to prepare for the TET and/or get certified