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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Download China Apps Remover Android Apps For Found Chinese Apps.

Download China Apps Remover Android Apps For EXPLORED Chinese Apps.

This app supports you to search  installed Chinese apps in your phone.

Pull out China Apps is a tool to uninstall Chinese apps for android phones.
It is very simple to find Chinese apps, This tool lists all Chinese apps.You can simply remove selected apps.  Chinese apps are not secure you can scan and choose Chinese apps that you want to uninstall, and click 'Delete' option to uninstall them.

This app will scan and search installed Chinese Apps in your phone. 
Our object is to improve world class products in India.
This is the first release and new updates will be the done timely.

Over the last some years, we’ve seen a limitless number of protests on social media regarding banning or boycotting certain apps and services. Remember we wished to ban Snap chat a some years ago or the present Surf Excel ad issue which made a lot of them drop negative reviews on Microsoft Excel? Every time, when something against supposed national interest occurs , we witness such outrages against some app and services. It’s especially because of  either of the two reasons– Origin & Privacy concerns. presently , in India, it is mostly due to the Chinese apps that are thought to have possessed a threat to our country. It can be in several  ways such as fake news & misinformation, data theft & privacy. Right now, a few apps are under backlash from Indian citizens, and here’s why they wish to ban/boycott these apps.  As well as , we will talk about a few other things such as smartphones and about privacy concerns of video conferencing apps like Zoom.

Here Are List Of Some Chinese Apps.

1 TikTok
2 Kwai
4 Helo
5 Like
6 Shareit
7 Sharechat
8 Xender
9 Vigo
10 Bigo

11 Live Me
12 UC Browser
13 CM Browser
14 Vigo Video
15 Viva Video
16 VMate
17 Beauty Plus
18 Baidu Map
19 Applock
20 Parallel Space

21 UDictionary
22 DU Battery Saver
23 TurboVPN
24 NewsDog
25 Cam Scanner
26 Club Factory
27 Mi Store
28 Oppo Store
29 Vivo Store
30 ES File Explorer

31 Cheetah Mobile
32 Clean Master
33 Zoom
34 Shein
35 Wish
36 AliExpress
37 Clash of Kings
38 Mafia City
39 Mobile Legends
40 Castle Clash

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