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Sunday, May 24, 2020

FAQ About GSEB HSC Science

FAQ About GSEB HSC Science

FAQ About GSEB HSC Science

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About Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB)
The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) came into existence in May 1960 through an act of Gujarat Assembly. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) was entrusted with the responsibility to carve out the Secondary and Higher Secondary level specific curriculum, study material and to evaluate the students it also conducts yearly examination at the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC). Apart from the secondary and higher secondary examination, the board conducts Engineering Entrance Examination (GUJCET).

FAQ About GSEB HSC Science

I am not satisfied of my HSC Result. What can i do ?
What is Standard 12 Science Answer Sheet Rechecking Process.
What is the process of HSC Science Marks Checking. ?
What is the fees of Marks checking, OMR checking.
What is different of HSC Re checking and Marks Checking.
And many more Questions.
FAQ About GSEB HSC Science

By rewriting them at least 5 times and using key words to jog your memory. That’s if you’re into remembering essays or not.
You’re never going to get it completely down word for word, but getting it as close as you can is your best bet.
It sounds harsh, but the only fool proof way to memorise an essay is to write it out a whole bunch of times in a few different ways. The point is really to memorise your themes/ideas, techniques and evidence so that you can move them around to suit whatever question you get. The 5 key writeups you should start with are;
Type up a draft, edit it until it’s looking good.
Write dot points for each of your body paragraphs.
Handwrite the essay (no time limit).
Dot point only your key ideas, techniques and quotes (separate to old dot points).
Handwrite your essay under a 40 min time limit.
By the time you’ve done that you’ll know your points pretty well, but you’ll still need to practice writing it a few times adaptively. This means choosing a past paper or other question for the topic and rewriting your essay to suit it. That way when you get into your exam you’ll be able to answer the question properly, rather than just spewing out the exact essay you wrote at the start.

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