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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

People are currently under house arrest due to the corona virus. The government is constantly informing the people about Corona through SMS. Hackers are also very active in the meantime. Who are stealing their data by sending people links to hacking software under the guise of corona. Now the CBI has issued an alert to all the states and union territories about this hacking software on the instructions of Interpol. Also advised not to open the link sent in any unfamiliar message.

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

What is this software?

The software that alerted the Central Bureau of Investigation is called Cerberus.

Hackers use this software to steal people’s personal information such as bank details and data. The special thing about this software is that the user’s data is stolen and they don’t even know it. At the present time, hackers are sending links to people under the pretext of providing information about the Corona epidemic. People open the link in the message to get information about Corona and immediately fall into the trap of hackers.

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

This is the way of hacking

According to the CBI, the hacker will first send a message about Corona. This message will contain a link to the software. This software will be automatically installed in your phone as soon as you click on this SMS sent under modus operandi. This software will then copy all your personal information and transfer it to the hacker. The hacker may then misuse your account details or personal information. The CBI in its alert has appealed not to respond to any message sent by a stranger and the company.

Money will fly out of your account as soon as you open this SMS, CBI issued an alert.

How to avoid hacking?

Download any app from a secure platform.
Please read the term and condition carefully while installing.
Check the website thoroughly when making any online transaction.
It is safe if the website starts with http.
Only open messages sent by people or companies you know.
In the meantime, if there is a link in it, don’t click on it without knowing about it.

Never share banking details with anyone by phone or message.

Important link
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No bank wants account, ATM, credit card details over the phone with customers.
Just a few days ago, SBI had alerted its account holders. The bank warned the account holders that if the customers had received any message from the income tax department in which there was any process talk about income tax refund, you would not have opened it. This message allows hackers to steal your account details and steal money from your account.

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