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June 16, 2020

Home Learning Standard -9 Youtube/Diksha Video.

I would like to give you information on how we can do home study at home. First of all, we can do many things through online education to study at home. At present, many programs are being supported online by the Government of Gujarat  I would like to discuss here how education is provided in a way that gives us very beautiful information in many ways.

 First of all, let me tell you that for home study, the study is now conducted from Std. 1 to Std. 12. It is very important to study. The information that is suitable for the children is served.  The video is given to the children for knowledge in a way that they can understand in any and simple language

 This video is presented in different places of each teacher in different places through youtube as well as through the organization. Teachers are selected for this video in government primary schools of Gujarat. Since this video is not available, it is distributed to every child free of cost.



HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 9 date 22-8-2020 

DATE 21-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO            

DATE 20-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO           

DATE 19-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO          

DATE 11-8-2020 ENGLISH VIDEO        

DATE 5-8-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO        

DATE 4 -8-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO        



DATE 1-8-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO        


DATE 30-7-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO        

DATE 29-7-2020 SCIENCE VIDEO        

DATE 19-7-2020 ENGLISH VIDEO     

 These Videos are Only broadcast daily in DD Girnar. The time of this video is Standard Wise from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  All these videos that are presented are all government primary school videos in which all government primary school videos are made by government primary school teachers. Friends, you all know that the importance of a teacher in life is also very important in terms of education.  Is important

 All the videos are watched by the children through youtube or DD Girnar when they go home but it is very important that all the children keep notes and pens together while watching the video as it is very important that the children write some points in the notes through notes and pens.  It is also very important for the knowledge of the children. You will be surprised to know that all the videos will be provided online by the government on a daily basis till the lockdown.

 All the children from all over Gujarat are studying like private school children, government primary school children, secondary primary department as well as higher secondary department. All the children will find this youtube video as well as DD Girnar's video very useful.

 All kinds of videos are uploaded daily on this blog. You can watch them all and increase your knowledge and make your education more effective. Information will be easily available on this blog every day.

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