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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Immune enhancement measures to prevent coronavirus

Immune enhancement measures to prevent coronavirus

Immune enhancement measures to prevent coronavirus

Not getting enough sleep weakens immunity, Vitamin-D, and C are important; Learn how you can boost your immunity.
Warm water is also effective in boosting immunity, improving digestion, and metabolism.

Vitamin-D from sunlight helps fight corona, it helps build T-cellsImmunity is the body's ability to fight disease. In Corona's time, the term has been the most talked about in the country and the world. There is a big reason behind this, as people with poor immunity are coming to Corona in a hurry.

Immune enhancement measures to prevent coronavirus They are also at risk of death. In such cases, special care is required to boost the body's immunity. However, immunity does not increase in a few days or weeks. For that, you have to make any changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Immune enhancement measures to prevent coronavirus

Children, the elderly, and people with diabetes and heart disease have a weakened immune system. Find out which foods and activities work to boost the body's immune system.

Requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day, sit in the sun, do morning walks
According to Akhilesh Yadav, a senior consultant, and orthopedic doctor at Max Hospital in Delhi, lifestyle changes are needed to boost immunity. Do a morning walk or yoga first thing in the morning.

Then have breakfast. Sit in the sun for a while, during which your arms and legs should be exposed.

It is important to get enough sleep, which also boosts immunity.

The most important thing is to get up early in the morning.
Getting up early means getting up between 5 and 6 in the morning in summer and between 6 and 7 in winter. Getting up early does not mean not getting enough sleep.

A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep per day is required. Less sleep increases the level of a hormone called cortisol in the body.

This hormone not only increases stress but also weakens our immune system.

Two mantras- respiratory etiquette, personal hygiene
That is why cleanliness is essential. There are two mantras for it-respiratory etiquette and personal hygiene.

Respiratory etiquette means covering the mouth when sneezing, coughing, necessarily wearing a mask. Hiji means a way to keep yourself healthy.

Vitamin D also strengthens the immune system

According to Madhavi Thoke, a doctor at a healthy hospital in Mumbai, vitamin-D from sunlight helps fight corona, as it helps build T-cells. This helps to strengthen the T-cell immune system, which acts as a frontline warrior in the fight against coronavirus.

Warm water also boosts immunityAccording to Ayurveda breakfast and warm water are also effective in boosting immunity. It improves digestion and metabolism.

In addition, the lungs and throat remain healthy. Metabolism is important in boosting immunity. The better our metabolism, the better our immunity.
Advice from the Ministry of AYUSH - To increase immunity by doing yoga-pranayama The Government of India has shared some tips from the Ministry of AYUSH to enhance immunity. According to him, do yoga, pranayama regularly. Avoid eating too much oil and spices.

According to research - Vitamin D boosts immunityAccording to some research, vitamin D is essential for good immunity. A study in 20 European countries, led by Peter Christian of Britain's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, found that people who died from corona had lower levels of vitamin D in their blood.

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Corona Virus Today Latest Update Researchers in Louisiana and Texas studied 19 patients at a hospital in Corona and found that 11 of them were vitamin D deficient.

An examination of the health documents of 780 corona positive patients in Indonesia found that vitamin D levels were much lower than normal in all of those patients who died from corona infections.

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