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A very commendable program has been launched by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat. Its name is Online Education. Now friends, you will know what this is online and how it is. Let me tell you one thing. Online education is now an epidemic of Corona.  The virus is the reason why schools are not only closed in Gujarat and India but all over the world.

Lodging bill above Rs 20,000, protection premium above Rs 50,000 will go to the notification of personal expense. Articulation of Financial Transaction is mentioned in the yearly return through the quantity of citizens in India. The legislature needs to put forth different attempts to expand the quantity of filers by April 30. Presently there are some new articulations. Regardless of whether you have now covered the lodging tab notwithstanding the money related exchange of Rs. Pramodpopat, an expense guide on Mediclaim premium above Rs 2 lakh, said that abroad travel just as over Rs 1 lakh, the Prime Minister, while declaring the answer, said that on the off chance that you pay school charges for the offspring of Faceless Scooty, you should pay Rs 130.
Gujarat will give auxiliary and higher optional advantageous assessment. For this, Gujkat and place and 314 assessment lobbies will be utilized by the Board of Education on 24th August. The advantageous assessment will be held from August 25. Because of the ebb and flow circumstance of crown in the state, it has been chosen to organize the guest plan of the understudies in the instruction assessment as video conferencing of the authorities of the 'Crisscross' office. 1.55 This choice has been taken keeping in see the instances of crown in the condition of understudies at the assessment settings during the assessment. Gujkat will be available to check the temperature with the firearm, to keep the entryway to-entryway assessment of the room open for 1.5 lakh understudies from everywhere throughout the state just as to wear covers.  

In the first round, just 13,000 understudies were conceded. In the reshuffling round, around 34,000 understudies will be dispensed a school. The decision has not changed. They will likewise be allocated the school they get dependent on the old decision. Gujarat University's Commerce College will be allocated a school today in a reshuffling round. The second round has started. In which around 10 thousand seats are empty. Just 200 have been made in Gujarat Board. Just the same number of understudies as are as of now affirmed for the reshuffling round. Countless seats have fallen empty in this circumstance. As far as possible for offering decision to the understudies is as of now in progress for in excess of 1500 seats of other board understudies. Which was given has been finished on Thursday. On Friday, 200 understudies enlisted. As the type of 114 understudies was not right, any of the decisions given by all the understudies was dismissed. Temporary legitimacy incorporates 301 understudies. 

Umiya Vidyalaya in the hot ticket of beneficial assessment of standard 10 new understudies, Umiya Vidyalaya, Surajpura, rather than Ganeshpura is imprinted in the hockey ticket. Address of Palanpur Examination Center "Umiya Vidyalaya, Ganeshpura, Ta. Palanpur" Students in Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Entrance (Hall Ticket) by "Umiya Education Board, Gandhinagar Std. 10 Vidyalaya, Surajpura, Ta. Palanpur SSC The valuable assessment is printed from 25 to 28. So this test is planned during August 2020. Understudies will be available at the new location "Umiya in which additionally in Banaskantha region, District Vidyalaya, Ganeshpura, Ta. Palanpur" at various focuses at Palanpur focus and the assessment will be held at Banaskantha place. This is expressed by the District Education Officer of the assessment. 
A large number of understudies get in a difficult situation because of Gujarat Board's obstruction choice Outrage against prohibition on affirmation in Std. Understudies who have passed 10 have been discovered through sources in Gujarat Board schools. The CBSE had reported the subject in a roundabout from the Board of Education that from 2012, two sorts of science for Std. 10 won't be given affirmation in Std. 11 Science, one is Basic Mathematics and the other is Standard Mathematics. Which has caused incredible disdain among the understudies. Since, understudies who have arithmetic as a fundamental subject and would prefer not to have a science subject after Std. 10, numerous understudies of Basic Mathematics CBSE can have confirmation in Std. 11 Science in Gujarat Board schools. Then again, the Board of Education had given a round on August 11 and said that it has additionally taken it. It is currently that on eleventh August, the Board has given a roundabout to the understudies who have done essential arithmetic in CBSE Std. Numerous grumblings on this issue won't be conceded in Std. 11 science stream. 

Online enlistment for physiotherapy - Nursing begins from 24th online for the individuals who have online framework. Affirmation process for physiotherapy - Nursing after Std. In which application must be made in clinical just from next ninth. Online PIN will be dispersed from the site of entrance advisory board till first September. Based on which, after the guidance given by ninth, it has been chosen to do the procedure of naturopathy with paramedical enrollment online till 5 pm on September, for example with physiotherapy-nursing. Will have the option to transfer enlistments and declarations. For understudies who right now have no online framework for procedures for 4000 seats in roughly 213 schools, 12 have been begun. Game plans have been made at the Cyber ​​Center.


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