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Monday, November 23, 2020

Today's education news update date 23/11/2020

 Today's education news update date 23/11/2020

The CBSE Board has announced the tense dates of the practical examination. The practical examination of CBSE Std-10 will start from January 1. The practical examination has also been announced. Which will do accordingly. Evaluation of project work recently announced by the board This time after the dates of practical examination and project practical examination, evaluation of new work which is done in the same school has also been decided by SOP. According to which will happen only in school. Only 3 different boards will be appointed by the board for the examination. Also different dates will be given by the board. In order to appoint an observer, we can follow the social distance taken in the month of March-April. Regarding the examination, besides the announcement, practical examination and project Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad will be held soon, the sources said. The work will also be evaluated this time in the CBSE board school according to the information received. Announcing the dates for the Practical Central Board of Secondary Education examination to be conducted by the Practical Board of Std-10 students across the country in the midst of Corona, both internal and external (CBSE) students were present at the examination. Exam dates have been announced. There is a board. On the one hand, Corona's cases will continue. This time the practical examination will be taken by the board when the standard 10 in the school is increasing as per the announced dates. Onjurver Practical Examination Tentative dates for the examination will be announced from 1st January to 5th. In addition to the practical examination, the project will be conducted between February. However, done. The CBSE Board will also keep an eye on the evaluation of covid-work. The school has announced the completion of the assessment. The dates will be announced by the students' mark board soon after the finals are also planned. The board is going. The official decision will have to be uploaded by the board after the SOP by taking the practical examination through the link given to the school where the final decision has been taken.

More than 400 seats of government-granted B.Ed colleges vacated in Teachers Uni. Government B.Ed, 300 vacancies of colleges. Provisional Meritlist for admission in University M.Ed. All self-contained B.Ed. connected with 6500 for 3700 seats. While the registration for M.Ed i.e. Master of Student affiliated with Gujarat University is rushing for admission in colleges, the process of registration for admission in reality education has been completed. Currently, the government B.Ed. More than 1300 students have filled up forms for approximately 450 M.Ed seats in colleges. Approximately 300 seats are vacant in government colleges. This is. The 1300 seats in the provisional merit list announced by the university will now be filled by B.Ed. Colleges now include action students. No clarification on whether admissions will be expanded in the coming days will be announced. Whether or not there is an issue, the student has inevitably registered as a self-reliant student. Currently only self-employed B.Ed. Approximately 300 seats are vacant! Teachers do not clarify the situation where colleges have to surrender B.Ed. Colleges have remained the same. Because, the university of calculation has created admission in B.Ed. There are 3700 seats available in the colleges, all the grants have been completed except for the grants. Navgujarat time> affiliated with Ahmedabad University in which 6500 students for admission to 60 government colleges for any vacant seat any action self-supporting B.Ed. Registered for admission in the college. That is, on the issue of whether the meeting will be held by removing it from different universities or not, it has not been clarified yet that the registration of double students with any Gujarat University has been linked with Teachers University for some time now. Admission registration in colleges has been notified. Self-reliant B.Ed. In colleges. B.Ed. According to the professors, the student is a government-granted B.Ed. So the registration process was currently underway. A student who has recently got admission in MA has to pay 1 annual Government-Grantet B.Ed. Those who wanted to get admission in colleges of colleges have been fulfilled. When the result of the B.Ed is announced, the registration fee of Rs. 1 lakh has to be paid. The term has been extended to 65th by 6500 students against 3700 seats. Despite this fee, there is no total seat but teachers have to register with the university to get admission in colleges. The next two came. For the first time since the admission committee, more than double the number of students from the admissions committee, a government situation has arisen that the admission program for B.Ed. University and Granted B.Ed. What has been found in colleges is the subject of investigation.

In case of exam, 51000 students are confused. It is possible that the examination starting from 1st December will be postponed in the university. , B.Com, B.Sc. He said that the Rajkot state government has postponed the examination of Corona Kahir for 15 days. No consideration has been given to the examination to be taken from the first of December. However, Vice-Chancellor Vijay Deshani said the city is likely to have a growing moratorium. Following the Corona case, if necessary, the examination will be postponed for 15 days from December 1 by the university starting from December 1. B.A. , B.Com. , 21000 students including B.Sc.M have a week's time when the examination is starting for the students coming from outside the village. However, will Korona be examined or not? In that case, Rajkot is likely to be pushed and as the case escalates, the examination will be postponed. Now there is also the exam. There is trouble if a decision is made at the last minute.
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2020 December Your bank is changing the rules of taking.

  2020 December Your bank is changing the rules of taking.

In the last month of the year i.e. December 2020, your bank is going to change the rules of rupee transaction. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced this to make real time gross settlement available 24x7x365. This decision will take effect in December 2020. Literally means you can transfer money in 24 hours with the help of RTGS. Currently the RTGS system operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays except the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

RBI announces Rs 

Your bank is changing this rule in December 2020 

Money can be transferred in 24 hours with the help of RTGS

Last year NEFT was launched for 24 hours 

The National Electronic Funds Transfer System was launched 24x7x365 in December last year. 

The RBI said in its policy that the system has been working properly since then. The decision was taken in an effort to develop India's international financial centers to support the ongoing work to support the global integration of Indian markets on a central bank basis and to ensure greater flexibility of payments for domestic corporates and institutions.

RTGS service is very useful 

Funds can be transferred instantly with the help of RTGS i.e. Real Time Gross Settlement. This works in large transactions. No amount less than Rs 2 lakh can be transferred with the help of RTGS. It can be used through both online and bank branches. There is no fund transfer charge. There is also a charge for transferring RTGS funds to the branch. The Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Committee has not made any change in interest rates. Right now the repo rate is forever at 4 percent. 

What is NEFT 

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is an electronic payment mode. It involves the transfer of money from one account to another. This facility can be availed with the help of internet banking. It can also be used by going to the bank. This allows funds to be transferred in seconds.



There is no extra charge for it. There is a charge for transferring funds from the branch.
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Night curfew in the name of marriage: As many as 5,000 weddings were stalled in four cities of Gujarat


Night curfew in the name of marriage: As many as 5,000 weddings were stalled in four cities of Gujarat

Night curfew in the name of marriage: As many as 5,000 weddings were stalled in four cities of Gujarat due to tonight's curfew, some were canceled and some are now in the rush to be held in the afternoon.

Night curfew in the name of marriage: As many as 5,000 weddings were stalled in four cities of Gujarat

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The second wave of the corona has started in Gujarat, due to which a two-day curfew has been imposed in Ahmedabad city on November 21 and 22. Other cities like Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot have declared night curfew from 9 pm to 6 am. In Ahmedabad too, night curfew will be enforced from November 23 while day curfew has been lifted. However, a curfew has been imposed in all four cities, which has led to an eclipse of the corona at weddings. Due to which about 5000 marriages are stuck in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot. Those who have booked party plots, catering, pavilion decorations for weddings are also in a dilemma. Corona has made it difficult for government rules to come as wedding dates are approaching. Doddham has started to cancel orders including party plots and arrange new arrangements. Organizers are then in a dilemma, saying orders could be canceled due to the night curfew.

Due to the implementation of night curfew, the lives of those who are married are stuck in the palm of their hand. Many families have a daughter's marriage while some families have a daughter's marriage. As well as party plots for the wedding, diners, and pavilion-light decoration payments have also been made, everyone is worried.

1700 marriages stuck in Ahmedabad curfew, most canceled

A curfew has been imposed on 1700 weddings in Ahmedabad city on November 21 and 22. Curfew and Night Curfew as soon as the wedding event starts now The wedding event business is closed as soon as it resumes after 8 months. A total of 1700 weddings were booked in Ahmedabad on Saturday 500 and on Sunday 1200. Which have had to be canceled. Not only that, guests of the people also came there and party plots were booked. This has led to resentment among those who marry.

Curfew affects the business of the wedding event

Speaking to DivyaBhaskar, Kavita Jain, who is holding a wedding event from Krishna Event in Ahmedabad, said that the business of a two-day curfew and night curfew would be a big loss when the wedding event business resumed on Sunday, 8 months after the wedding season started again. The government should consider the matter first and impose a curfew after 10 or 11 pm with a different guideline. Sunday is the wedding of a large number of people. We are very confused because of the curfew when their concoctions have been printed, guests have come, party plots have been booked.

More than 500 marriages in Saurashtra including Rajkot, Doddham for permission

There are more than 500 weddings in Saurashtra this week, including Rajkot. Then the question arises as to what to do now to the people in the house where the wedding is to be held. As the wedding is now only 4-5 days away, the booking including pavilion service, catering, and light decoration has been done and the payment has also been paid.

When it comes to getting permission, Tantra says we have not received any circular

Sureshbhai Nagjibhai Sagapariya, who lives on Haridhwa Road in Rajkot, is scheduled to have his daughter Pooja's wedding on December 1. So all kinds of preparations have been done at home. Pooja's brother Vishal Sagapariya, who will be getting married then, said that the marriage is after 5 days. The government has declared a curfew at night. We have been preparing for the wedding for the last 1 month. Preparations are underway for Ben's wedding. We have a wedding tonight. Booked with light decoration, catering, pavilion service. All payments have been made. If we go to the collector and the police to get permission, they say that we have not received any permission circular. People coming from outside the village are having a lot of trouble. All I have to say to the government is that if the BJP government celebrates 200-500 people by holding rallies and meetings, then what should the people do in this.

Booking for 1000 weddings in Vadodara by February, weddings can be held with police approval

In Vadodara, about 1,000 weddings have been booked in the city since Diwali till February, with many real weddings taking place in November. However, a curfew was imposed in the city from Saturday night, leaving families stranded on the night of the wedding on November 21. According to the announcement, the wedding can be held with the permission of the police, which can be attended by 200 people. So it is the turn of the families who have planned night weddings to run in the morning or in the afternoon. Anil Patel, president of Faraskhana Assoc., Said that more than 500 weddings are to be held in the city. There is also an inquiry into what could happen now.

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Wedding occasions stalled due to curfew in Surat, hotels booked for about 1500 weddings

A curfew will be enforced in Surat from tonight. At that time, many hotels in Surat are losing crores of rupees. About 1500 hotels were booked for the wedding. With the announcement of the curfew, bookings are gradually being canceled. Employees were called in after the lockdown. Then who will compensate for the loss now? Most hotel owners have taken a loan from a bank.

How will the event be held if the curfew is extended as there are less wedding moments?

Bhandari nom means Ashadh sud nom, which was on 29th June. Many weddings were held on this day, especially in North India. It was an unseen moment like Akhatrij. There were wedding moments on 15th, 25th, and 29th of June, 26th, 30th of November, and 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th of December. Meanwhile, the wedding took a break from June 30 to November 25.

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Friday, November 06, 2020

ekam kasoti October2020 month timetable

  ekam kasoti October2020 month timetable

 The unit test is conducted every month by gcert in every government school, private school as well as non-grant aided school.  Gcert Education Department Gujarat sends its question papers to every school by email which is sent to the home of the students on the day before the test.  Students from 3rd to 12th have to write the answers of the unit test according to their ability at the scheduled time. Based on this unit test, the child can be evaluated annually and its progress can be known on a daily basis. Parents are also aware of the child's progress.  Most of the test questions are designed to be written by the child himself. The answers to each student are different.  This unit test is currently conducted once a month in Std. 3 to 12th.

   In the situation of covid 19 in Std. 6 to 8, assessment with age at present. From 2020 21 in every medium. Further action has to be taken keeping in view the following matters for planning of periodic assessment test for the students of class III.

While taking the unit test, the syllabus taken in the month of July in the test of Mathematics and Gujarati subject will not be included in the test of September.

 A copy of the syllabus of the assessment test for September 2020 is attached herewith

 Testing should be done keeping in view the learning outcome

 Gujarati and Maths will be tested in standard three and four

 Gujarati English and Hindi will be tested in standard five

 Gujarati English Hindi Sanskrit will be tested in standard 6 to 8

 According to the resolution of the Department of Education dated 12 2 2020, the first language mathematics, social sciences and the same tests about science have to be taken.

 Self-supporting and grant-aided schools will be able to voluntarily take tests in subjects other than these four subjects.

 The time assessment test will be held from 26th to 30th September. By 25th 2020, the test will have to reach the students in hard copy or soft copy.

 The time assessment test will be held from 26th to 30th September. By 25th 2020 students will have to reach hard copy or all gopi tests.

 On 25 3 2020, GCERT's website will make available the current medium tests as well as the Gujarati medium test which can also be seen in the QR code of the syllabus of that subject.

 Sardar is expected to write the test in a way that is convenient for the guardian and the students to be supervised by the student guardian.

 It is more desirable that the answer book of the test be delivered to the school through the guardian by 10 2020

 Other mediums which have Gujarati test in Gujarati medium will be tested first language of Aditya medium.

 Gujarati medium Hindi will be tested and Gujarati second language will be tested in the middle

 If Gujarati medium has English test, Gujarati second language test will be taken in English medium.

 Schools have been instructed by each officer to make necessary arrangements for all the above periodic assessment tests and also given time which will be made compulsory to reach out to every child through youtube social media or any other medium.

 Such new things related to the world of education are regularly posted on my blog so that you can keep visiting our blog. Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

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