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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Role Of Education In Life

Role Of Education In Life

Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world. Nowadays, there are many ways to enhance the education level. The whole criteria of education have been changed now. Education is not so costly, anyone one with less money may study continuously. It is important for getting bright future as well as plays a most important role in the development and progress of the country.

Every parent tells their kids from childhood about the importance of education in the life and all the advantages of education to make their mind towards better study in the future.

Education is Self Empowerment:- Education helps you understand yourself better, it helps you realize your potential and qualities as a human being. It helps you to spout into latent talent, so that you may be able to improve your skills. Receiving a good education helps empower you, thus making you strong enough to look after yourself in any given situation

Enhance Creativity:- The education help to students apply their creative skills to come up with ideas that help make the essays more professional. This creativity helps them attain their overall educational goals.

Educated societies Create The Educational Environment:- Our society should try to create an environment that is helpful for all section of society in getting a good education. Our education that separates us from other living beings on the planet. It is our education that gives us the knowledge and skills to use our creative talents.

A Backbone Of Developing Countries:- A country can not progress without having a sound education system. Educated individuals have the ability to become entrepreneurs, technology professionals, scientists, and agriculturists. The major problem for underdeveloped and developing nations is low literacy rate, and large numbers of people are still living below the poverty line. Educational development is vital for the economic prosperity of a nation.

For Financial Stability:- Education helps you gain the academic qualification so that you are able to get suitable employment. While you earn for yourself, also you feel financially independent and free from any further financial support. You feel pride that you are earning for yourself, and are not obligated to anyone.

Education plays its continuous role in our daily life. The benefits being accrued, education is the best way to move forward not only for an individual but also for a country. It completely changes our mind and personality and helps us to attain the positive attitudes.

The authors tell about how education plays important role in our life. He is post graduate degree holder so he knows how education helps in improving your skills and give direction to your life. He rates colleges in chandigath very high when it comes to developing your skills
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The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education

For most of the countries the age group between 15-25 years consists of an average of 16%. And this young group holds the role of development of a country. If the policy makers and stake holders can work hand in hand and execute the one key element in the most effective and poised way, then these youths can be the blessing of a country. And that key element is Education. If they fail in that, then it leads to the total disaster of the country's social, political and economic aspects. There is nothing more dangerous than unemployed, uneducated or undereducated young people. The aims and objectives of education have transformed drastically through each generation. Education should never be something that is static. It should be able to cater the needs of the people according to the society they live in. This can be easily understood by differentiating traditional education system and modern education system. Education is not a privilege of a particular community or group of people. Today almost all countries have accepted the truth that it is the Civil right of a citizen to get education. But here comes the real question, does this right to education is implemented in real meaning. To make this happen and to make this worthwhile to the people, the education system of each of these countries has to ensure four aspects. Let us find out what these aspects are.

EmployabilityThe policy makers and education stake holders should consider many factors while implementing the structure and purpose of education, particularly the demography of that particular country. They should be able to cater education to all citizens who fall in the bracket of that age group. Thus the educational system of a country should be extensive as per the demographic requirements. The kinder gardens, schools, Universities should be established in proportion to the population ratio. Not a single aspirant should be denied the right to education due to the lack of educational infrastructure. So, Extensiveness has become the name of the game. There comes equality, for centuries education was confined to only a particular community or some group of people. A large number of people were excluded from the opportunity to get the chance for education. There have been changes in that attitude after long struggle. But still it is a key factor - Equality for education. All citizens irrespective of any kind of social, economic and political barriers should have access to education that they deserve. We have to ensure that excluded groups are getting chances to get involved in the process of education. Or else it is the greatest failure of the entire nation known as global family. It is the responsibility of the country to ensure that, GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) works equally proportional to the specific age group of that country. Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) or Gross Enrollment Index (GEI) is a statistical measure used in the education sector and by the UN in its Education Index to determine the number of students enrolled in school at several different grade levels (like elementary, middle school and high school), and use it to show the ratio of the number of students who live in that country to those who qualify for the particular grade level.

Even though most of the countries were much focused in key aspects like extensiveness and equality in education, there is one crucial thing that they have ever failed or never focused much - Effectiveness. The quality of the education they were imparting. The quality of education became secondary to the quantity of the options that were given to the students. If the education is without a purpose, then how it can meet the needs of the people, so there arises the question, why this education? This can lead us to large mass of educated but unemployed people. Where we are going to utilize them or how we are going to work this out. If the education of a country never caters to the needs of the economic needs of a country or the skills expected by companies or organization, then all these efforts to enrich the educational system will be futile. Various educational thinkers have always questioned the accountability of the education that was provided. Most of the employers have expressed their concerns that the most of the graduates are unfit for the job. There are job opportunities, but there is lack of skilled employees for the particular position. So there arises the question, what we have to teach them or make them capable of. Here the only solution is, the skills of individuals should be identified, and they should be given the chance to excel in their trade. And also the policy makers have to take into consideration what the employers require, what skill sets they expect from their candidates. Unless these are taken into consideration, our educated group becomes worthless for themselves and for the world. This should never happen.
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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Things to Look Into When Selecting the Topmost Yoga Classes

 Things to Look Into When Selecting the Topmost Yoga Classes

Having difficulties with sleeping, lack of concentration, and pains on the neck and back you should a reason enough for you to attend yoga classes. When you are experiencing such difficulties it is enough reason to seek yoga classes because they are signs of nervousness. When you attend a yoga class you will be taught how to relax and in return, you will inhibit such diseases as blood pressure, headache, and back pain. Yoga works mainly by helping in the reduction of weight, enhancing balanced metabolism, and improvement of respiration and energetic spirit. It will be wise, however, for you to seek aid from a yoga class that is trusted since there are several of them in the society today and not all can be effective or suit your needs. You should, therefore, adhere to some of the essential guidelines when choosing the best yoga classes as the task can be cumbersome.

The first essential factor that you should note when choosing a yoga class is certification. You should be wise enough to check whether yoga classes are certified or not before you pick one. A licensed yoga lesson means that the staff are very much trained and would know the kind of yoga styles that would suit your body and mind. It will be wise for you therefore to come up with a yoga class whose practitioners have attended registered yoga school.

Another tip to look into when selecting a yoga class is the affordability. It will be wise for you to see to it that you check the amount of money a yoga class will cost you before you decide to attend one. You will need to however prefer a fairly priced yoga class after comparing different of them in the market. Comparison is crucial because yoga class will vary depending on the length of classes and stages of yoga you are in. A yoga class that will not interfere with your budget is however preferred.

Besides, the locality of the yoga class is the other key point to be taken into account when coming up with a yoga class. It is recommended that you opt for a yoga class that is within your location because you will not be having a rough time attending yoga classes regularly. A near yoga class will be very convenient for you in terms of time and financial resources. You should also prefer a yoga class around you because you will be aware of their reputation and general staff performance.

You will need to also set into mind the idea of the length of operation of yoga class practitioners. You must see to it that a yoga class staff be very experienced in the sense that he or she has worked for many years in the yoga industry. A knowledgeable yoga class staff will ensure to give you exceptional, quality services to ensure that you get the best out of the classes. You should opt for a yoga class that has been in the market for long because it means they gained the trust of the people and are very reputable. To conclude, the article above points out some of the essential things to set in mind when coming up with a yoga class.

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Ways That You Can Identify the Right General Contractor

 Ways That You Can Identify the Right General Contractor

Building a home can be an overwhelming process especially if you do not know how to manage workers in any construction site or if you are having a busy day where it can be hard to access the progress of your house that is being built. This can be even more challenging if you do not know the building professionals that you need to hire. The right person to hire is a general contractor who can help you in managing and overseeing the construction that you have. Hiring a general contractor will have an importance of helping you to come up with the best design and at the same time, they will manage the whole process to be building completion. With the many general contractors in the market all claiming to offer the best administration construction services, you can consider some clear guidelines to help you choose a top-rated general contractor.

To pick a highly rated general contractor, the first thing that you need to look at is getting to know the kind of services that you need from the general contractor. And due to specialization of the general contractor in the market some will be the best in certain services such as construction administration, designing and building of certain projects and therefore getting to know your needs is the first thing that you have to identify the needs that you have. Choose the general contractor that will be willing to undertake the project in the best way possible and the one that will be capable to offer the best services regarding the needs that you have.

The place where the general contractor is based and where you can find them is the second tip that you need to look at when choosing a general contractor. The best general contractor is the one that is near you, who you can be recommended by people around you who have been built their houses by the general contractor. The general contractor that is close to your place is the right one since you can meet them easily for consultation and at the same time, they are well versed in the type of houses that are normally built in the area that you are.

To pick the number one general contractor get to know the kind of constructions that they have been undertaking by looking at their portfolio. Let the general contractor that is good in the type of houses that they have built before to manage your construction. To finalize, that is the choosing guide of a top-rated general contractor.

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Criteria To Use When Selecting The Right Online Custom Engagement Ring Dealer

 Criteria To Use When Selecting The Right Online Custom Engagement Ring Dealer

As a gentleman who is planning to propose soon, you need the best engagement ring that you can propose to your lover and the engagement ring should be as beautiful as the lover that you have. One of the ways that you can purchase an engagement ring is by looking for an online custom engagement ring dealer who supplies such rings and they can deliver you one of the best rings that you have chosen at a cost. A good ring not only does t mark you engagement with your lover but also makes them engagement proposal to be one of the best. With online shopping, there is an advantage of window shopping where you can find the right ring that will suit your needs such as the one that you will love and the one that is being sold at a good price. With the many online custom engagement ring dealer options in the market, it can be hard to get the best from the many online custom engagement ring dealer that are available and therefore you need to consider some clear guidelines to help you choose a top online custom engagement ring dealer. The article below looks at some of the pointers that you need to look at when choosing the right online custom engagement ring dealer.

The type and quality of the engagement ring that they have is the first pointer that you have to look at when choosing an online custom engagement ring dealer. Find out if the quality of engagement rings is the type that you might like, the materials that are used in the making of the rings and how they have been designed to choose the right online custom engagement ring dealer. The online custom engagement ring dealer that sells the high-quality custom made engagement ring is the right one that you can choose from where you can buy the ring for your engagement.

The last pointer that you need to look at when choosing an online custom engagement ring dealer is the delivery time and cost to deliver and buy the customized engagement rings that you want. The best online custom engagement ring dealer is one that will be least expensive in the prices that they are retailing the customized engagement rings and the one that will be affordable in their delivery fee if the same rings. The online custom engagement ring dealer should also be fast in the delivery of the rings once you buy them. To finalize that is the buying guide of customized engagement ring from an online store.

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Choosing the Best Marketing Company for Animated Explainer Videos

 Choosing the Best Marketing Company for Animated Explainer Videos

In the competitive market, there are many strategies for us to ensure that your product reaches the target audience. Before the advance in technology, people would often market their products by using print media outlets such as; newspapers, magazines, and so on. With the current technology, however, many companies have resulted in marketing their product online. The internet is a cesspool for all sorts o marketing. There are online platforms dedicated to any sort of business or service that you seek. One of the digital marketing strategies involves animated explainer videos. They are animated versions of characters that are designed to explain what a certain company deals with. Let us face it, it would be easier to understand that a company entails if we watched an animated video of it. Not only it entertaining to watch, but it also captures the attention of the target market. In addition, it sets itself apart from other marketing strategies that we are all used to. You may have looked for a company that deals with animated explainer videos with no effective results. In that case, you would require some guidelines to help you select the best one for you. The tips below outline some of the factors that you should consider when looking for the best marketing company for animated explainer videos.

The first aspect that you should consider is a company that is reputable. That will help you in determining whether their services are worth giving a try. You could look for former clients and ask for their feedback regarding the company. Former clients will tell you their opinions based on their experiences working with the company. That way, you would have a starting point on how to choose the best company. When a company has good services, it will attract many clients, making it reputable in the market. That will help you know whether you would hire the company for the animated videos.

Another factor to look into is the background of the company/. When you search for a marketing company for animated videos, you will most likely get many results. In that case, you should simplify your search by looking into the background of the company. Contact the company and request to see their portfolio of the videos that they have worked on before. That will help you determine whether their expertise matches your expectation. A company that has been in the business for long will have an appealing portfolio. In that case, the purpose to choose a company that has a clean and appealing background.

After choosing the company that you find most suitable for you, contact them for further details. If possible, you could schedule a personal meeting with them. Give them guidelines on how you would want your animated video to look. You could even show them clips of what you expect. In case you do not have an idea in mind, you could ask them for suggestions for animated explainer videos. That way, you will have a variety to choose from.

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What to Look At When Buying a medical Equipment

 What to Look At When Buying a medical Equipment

You should ensure that you have constructed a good budget that will guide you in finding a medical equipment dealer that will deliver to you the excellent medical equipment for you to purchase services.

Searching online for the excellent medical equipment dealer is the incomparable determinant to reflect on when in need of the medical equipment for you to purchase services that will match your needs. By the help of the online reviews of that medical equipment dealer that you wish to select, you will be in a position to reflect on the level of reputation of that medical equipment dealer. You should ensure that you have requested the referrals that will be in a position to help you in finding a medical equipment dealer that you will choose for the medical equipment for you to purchase services. The track history of that medical equipment dealer that you intend to select is the additional necessary determinant that you should reflect on when you are in need of the medical equipment for you to purchase services. Talking to the people who have information about various medical equipment dealers is the incomparable determinant to concede since you will be recommended to the incomparable medical equipment dealer. Selecting a medical equipment dealer whose offices are located near you is the excellent determinant to concede since you will not be charged an extra fee to cover for the transport cost by the medical equipment dealer of your choice. You have to verify that you have found a medical equipment dealer which has the medical equipment for you to purchase service providers who are well trained in delivering the incomparable medical equipment for you to purchase services. You should ensure that you have asked for the testimonials of that medical equipment dealer that you are aiming at choosing for the medical equipment for you to purchase services. Selecting a medical equipment dealer with many references is the incomparable determinant to concede when aiming at receiving the medical equipment for you to purchase services. You have to reflect on selecting a well-focused medical equipment dealer so that you can receive the incomparable medical equipment for you to purchase services. You have to verify that you have asked around for the track record of the medical equipment dealer that you intend to choose for the medical equipment for you to purchase services. The methods and as well the techniques used in delivering the incomparable medical equipment for you to purchase services that will match your incomparable needs. Choose a medical equipment dealer with the incomparable pricing of the medical equipment for you to purchase services.
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Reasons for being a competitive edge over others are as follows:


The standardized education delivery methodology not just by subject experts but in fact by TOPIC wise experts to achieve perfection with undeviating consistency. -The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic that it generates not only excellent classroom discussions but also insightful study material. -Each and every lecture is planned to make sure that the content delivered is standard, complete and finished in stipulated time. -The concept at NEI is to teach the basic concepts and guide students solve the questions in logical and smart way. -Every effort is made to inculcate an intensive and critical thinking ability of NARAYANI EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.


NEI has a vast pool of talented and highly qualified faculty recruited from International Institutes , Premier Universities and the Coaching Industry. - The roots of NEI have emerged from a highly professional faculty team comprising of a perfect blend of academicians and subject experts. -The notable qualifications and vast experience of the faculty members help to make complex problems easy for students. - NEI attracts the best talent in the industry for all subjects from every nook and corner of the country. ##NEI focuses in recruiting faculty who are not just subject experts for achieving medical or engineering goals but also in raising the best citizens of our country as well .


-NEI Assignments give students a remarkable edge over others. - The students are given assignments at the end of every topic for self study. - This happens on a routine basis. - NEI Assignments ensure that the students concentrate on two of the most important factors necessary to crack the toughest exams that is subject knowledge and a regular practice of the subject with a clear-cut objective of time management and minimizing errors as the studies progress. -Constant practice helps to choose the right answer, FAST. -Assignments help improving concepts, reducing errors, enhancing concentration, boosting test scores and above all ensuring selection in the Entrance Exams.


Break free from your local average tuitions and the constraints of lack of good study material -Get NEI high-quality lectures and study material simultaneously from the institute. -NEI guides students in identifying what’s important for success and what’s not, ultimately increasing the success rates.


With regular practice tests you can now analyze your performance and review your progress. - Comprehensive performance & progress reports further help you prepare better for board and competitive exams.


-NARAYANI EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIP TEST [NEIST] provides opportunity to get scholarships and fee concessions for those coming up with potential ranks.


-NEI also supports in upbringing the students and appraising them by providing scholarships to the deserving students. -NEI supports the students coming from unprivileged backgrounds through scholarships. -Students whose parents are from ARMED FORCES and RAILWAYS are also provided concessions in tuition fee for the same.


The students will find the doubt clearing system quite helpful. - During doubt clearing hours, students can clear their doubts from the available subject experts. -Specially helpul for students having inferiority complexes. -Time to time counseling and motivating the students to help them rigid and constant towards reaching their goals.


-NEI follows a good work ethics and has a positive environment where an individual can learn and grow. -NEI guides thousands of aspirants, who will be serving the nation as eminent Doctors and Engineers next. -Competitive environment and focused learning at NEI will provide the necessary edge and exposure to students.


-At NEI, we provide students with modern infrastructure and facilities. -As a part of this endeavor, we intend to provide air-conditioned classrooms that provide a comfortable learning atmosphere. -All the classrooms are expected to be well lit and spacious. -Our centres aim to have a provision of Library that offers students a wide range of books to choose from and keep them up to date about the latest information. - We ensure that our classrooms provide an environment which is conducive for learning, among other things, providing better infrastructure, periodic tests and assessments and strict discipline.


-Parent teacher Meetings (PTM) are an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. -We will be frequently inviting parents to meet with their ward’s respective teachers to understand their performance closely. - This is also an opportunity for NEI to get in touch with the parents and motivate them to help NEI and its students achieve the common goal of qualifying in entrance exam selection. - Another important advantage is that parents can directly meet the teachers and know about the weak areas of their child.


-Meticulous and relevant Study Material and Test Papers are prepared based on the latest pattern of exams and NCERT Course books designed by the expert faculty at NEI. - Moreover chapterwise synopses which help in boosting the mind at the end of the lesson. - Practise papers which help to increase accuracy and improve timing. -Comprehensive study material helps to keep in track with pattern and questions for the exam making the student successful in reaching their goal.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021



Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a pivotal institution at the state level for the enhancement of qualitative education at primary and secondary schools.

It was "State Institute of Education" before 1988. It was later upgraded as a SCERT in 1988, under the resolution of State Education Department. The upgraded SCERT, now named as Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a fully structured State level academic institution and is controlled and guided by a Governing body as well as an Executive Committee.

GCERT was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the State Capital in 1997. State Education Department has allotted separate land for the GCERT for building in sector-12. Hence the GCERT has been functioning in the newly constructed building “VIDYABHAVAN” in sector-12 with modern infrastructure and latest equipment since 21st August, 2004 in view of the widening horizon.

Under the umbrella of GCERT, there are now 27 DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) functional in 33 Districts. These DIETs impart pre-service and in-service training to the primary teachers of the State. There are seven branches namely Pre-service Teacher Education (PSTE), Work Experience (WE), District Resource Unit (DRU), Curriculum Material Development & Evaluation (CMDE),


Educational Technology (ET), In-service Field interaction Innovation & Co-ordination (IFIC) and Planning & Management PM functioning in these DIETs. These DIETs are well equipped with qualified and experienced academic and administrative staff.

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Big change in covin portal for 18+ vaccine registration

Big change in covin portal for 18+ vaccine registration

The government has started registration for 18+ people from May 1. Registration for this is being done on the Covin portal. A large number of people registered on the first day. However, many kinds of problems have been seen since then.

Was narrated. However, many kinds of problems have been seen since then.

New Delhi: While people are being encouraged to get corona vaccine, there is a shortage of vaccines and registration problems. However, the government has started fixing the system on both fronts. In the same link Covin has made significant changes to the portal. This change has removed some of the shortcomings, as well as added some features to make the registration easier.

These problems were occurring

The government has started registration for 18+ people from May 1. Registration for this is being done on the Covin portal. A large number of people registered on the first day. However, many kinds of problems have been seen since then. People have openly mentioned their problems on social media. With that in mind the government has now made significant changes to the Covin portal.

This is the biggest change

The biggest change to the coin portal is the digital code feature. Now at the time of registration a 4 digit digital security code will come on the user's mobile, which has to be handled. This code must be given to the vaccinator after vaccination. Only then will the vaccine status of the person concerned be updated. That is to say, in simple words, then it will be assumed that you have got the vaccine

The message was received without vaccination

It is known that many people complained that they were getting the message that vaccination would be completed without getting vaccinated. This feature has since been added. This change is effective from 8th May. Then the vaccine can no longer be given without the code. Noting that this feature applied to the Covin system will only be available to people who have booked online for vaccinations.

વેક્સિન સ્લોટ બુક થાય તે માટે આ રીતે કરો રજીસ્ટ્રેશન

સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી મેળવો.

Code is also required for the certificate

According to the information received through the Health Bridge app, the vaccine will be given after showing the 4 digit code at the vaccination center. In addition, if you want to generate a digital certificate after vaccination, you have to register your code on the portal. You will then receive a message that your vaccination has been successfully completed. If you do not receive this message, you will need to report it to the Center.

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Does 5G testing cause die due to corona?

Does 5G testing cause die due to corona?

Is Corona cases on the rise in the country due to 5G testing? Know the fact.

Corona cases are currently on the rise in the country. The number of cases of corona is increasing day by day in the country. And it is difficult for people to get oxygen. 5G is being blamed for the increase in Corona's case. Viral audio is 1 minute and 20 seconds long. In it, 2 people are blaming the ongoing 5G resting for the increase in Corona's case and the ongoing deaths.

The other person - what he doesn't say is falling. The first person says - one should eat meat and eggs and not sleep on the roof. The two are having a conversation.

Then the first person says how many days of 5G testing will last. So another person says I will last for months. Another person says that the throat is dry then another person says yes that the throat is dry.
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China biggest rocket which was out of control crash in hindmahasagar

China biggest rocket which was out of control crash in hindmahasagar

The wreckage of China's largest rocket Long March 5B crashed into a house today. China was constantly monitoring the movement of the rocket. This morning, China announced that part of its largest rocket, Long March 5B, had crashed in the Indian Ocean. Most of the rocket was fired from space towards home and most of the rocket was burnt to ashes in the atmosphere.

At 10:24 a.m. Beijing time (0224 GMT), parts of the Long March 5B rocket entered the atmosphere and fell into the Indian Ocean off the southwest of India and Sri Lanka, according to a report quoting Chinese official media. However it was also said that the larger of the Long March 5B rocket

As the longest rocket sent into space by China, Long March 5B, went out of control, astronomers were worried that it would crash to Earth. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that the debris from the crashed rocket would not harm the Earth. As soon as it enters the Earth's atmosphere, most of the rocket will burn to ashes. The unmanned rocket was constantly monitored by the US space agency NASA.
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Mera Ration android mobile app launched today

Mera Ration android mobile app launched today

Union bureau of Consumer Affairs, cuisine and open scattering on March 12, 2021 launched "Mera Ration" Mobile App for individuals curb certificate holders who migrate to new seats in search of livelihood.

Currently, 32 States and Union Territories are enclosed under One homeland One apportion certificate (ONORC) and the lingering four States and UTs are likely to be integrated into the schematic in the after that only some months.

What is nationalized Food Security Act?

Under general groceries precautions Act, the centre provides well subsidised foodgrains at Rs 1-3 for each kg to over 81 crore population through open division system (PDS).

The take steps furthermore offers quota license portability good turn 'One homeland One distribute license (ONORC)' in 32 states and union territories.

ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથી વાંચો

Mera Ration app

•The beneficiaries will be adept to help the 'Mera Ration' app to isolate the adjacent impartial outlay store and buttress information of their power and fresh transactins.

•The android-based mobile devotion has been residential by the state Informatics Centre (NIC).

•It is now open in Hindi and English language. Gradually, it will be ended accessible in 14 languages.The languages will be identified based on chairs everyplace wanderer live in refocus habitually to.

With an seek to go on the profit of One Nation, One allotment license conspiracy (#ONORC), Dept of chow and free division desk Sudhanshu Pandey launched 'Mera Ration' mobile app. As of now, the app is in Hindi and English but quickly it will be open in 14 Indian languages.

The One inhabitants One restrict certificate system covers not quite 69 crore native fare safekeeping feat (NFSA) beneficiaries in the country. The graphic has proven to be of tremendous value-added ritual to each one NFSA receiver during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever migrants, as it acceptable them to aim the assistance of subsidised foodgrains.

At near 32 States/UTs are roofed under One people One helping certificate and integration of lingering 4 States/UTs is probable to be accomplished in after that a small amount of months

•The beneficiaries preserve schedule themselves before first their journey and the system will unthinkingly allocate the allowed foodgrains.

•The NFSA beneficiaries will be intelligent to exploit the app to distinguish the nearby FPS and prove facts of their foodgrains prerogative and the before six-month transactions and repute of Aadhaar seeding.

•Through the app, the receiver will identify I'm sorry? he is at liberty to and he destitution not put FPS dealer how a lot he would get.

•The beneficiaries be capable of login into the app by their Aadhaar or save license number
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Parivar no malo hunfalo ane salamat by GCERT GANDHINAGAR

Parivar no malo hunfalo ane salamat by GCERT GANDHINAGAR

Vacation is currently available in all educational institutions starting from primary schools i.e. children and teachers are allotted 36 days school vacation. All government primary schools, private primary schools, non-educational grant aided secondary higher secondary. Every parent has to keep the child engaged in various activities to save their children due to the extremely frightening environment of coronary infection in the present time. There is no situation for children to go out to play at present. Protecting one's own child is a top priority. 

Children are now becoming more and more vulnerable to coronary heart disease. .Gandhinagar Education Department to keep the children active as well as in their own home with the help of their parents in a variety of vacation activities. A new initiative has been launched by the Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council, Gandhinagar Education Department to prepare a PDF in which the family's nest is warm and safe.

The PDF contains a link to a video of a variety of educational activities. This PDF is sent to a children's whatsapp group. The PDF contains a variety of video genres such as children's stories. Short videos A variety of activities such as motivational videos to help children develop their educational readiness. Video collections of small activities that develop the child's mind and heart are delivered to the children through this PDF. 

DAY 53 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 52 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here


DAY 51 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 50 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 49 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 48 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 47 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 46 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 45 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

 DAY 44 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 43 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 42 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 41 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 40 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 39 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here


DAY 37 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 36 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here

DAY 35 KARYKRAM PDF  Click here














Day 21 Karyakram Pdf click here










The child does all these activities with his parents The extra time that one has can be used to develop one's knowledge and skills in various activities Instead of wasting most of their time watching TV at home, an expert team prepared by the education department has prepared and sent a collection of various videos as well as a collection of activities in which children pay more attention and develop their skills here Can
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