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Monday, March 21, 2022

Best free android applications to send gretings

       Best  free android applications to send gretings  

    While sending traditional cardboard greeting card  your loved ones is a good way to convey your best wishes, sending an e-greeting via your Android phone is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it  great alternative to traditional card as it saves you from courier hassle and can be a nice, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional greeting. The best part – you get to send all these cute, animated card  free. The best free greeting card Android applet you doodle, change font, add your own text and your e-card. Here’s a rundown of   greeting card apps for your Android phone.

Holiday Card

This free greeting card builder allows you to add text and different background to your e-greeting and send it to your friend and family via Twitter, Facebook  e-mail. It has over 100 background designed for different occasion and festival like New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday and Valentine’s Day. There are also several design images to add to your selected background and a variety of fonts  help you choose and design a snazzy and cute greeting card.

 Your E-Greeting

Holiday Cards doesn’t allow you to save e-card to your Android allows you to add text of up to 30 character, which, in my opinion, is very limited. Any recent update addressing these issues would really help user and improve the popularity rating of  app. Holiday Card is a nice, little greeting card app with plenty of -greeting option for various occasion.

[Download Link]

Cardz Creator

Cardz Creator - One of the Best Free Greeting Card Android Apps

As the name suggest, this free greeting card app let you create your own 3D cards right on your Android device. You will have to  your own e-greeting from one of the pre-bundled themes in the app’s gallery. The-bundled card themes include lovely 2D cakes, rose bouquet, chocolate boxes, cute snowmen and many other themes. You will have to select the theme,  the background by adding the color/design of your choice and type in a beautiful message to create your very own  greeting card. While   message box, you can preview the message and change the font size or color. You can then send the completed greeting card via  and e-mail. 

 Creator has a Variety   -Loaded Themes

Besides the-bundled themes, the application also gives access to more themes by browsing through an entire collection of  Creator themes online. 

[Download Link]

Valentine Video Greets

Valentine Video Greets

Featuring short, yet funny animated e-greeting, Valentine Video Greet is the perfect app to send some tongue-in-cheek and naughty card  your dearest sweetheart. There are quite  few free animated e-greeting app for your Android device, and this app is one them. It feature plenty of  animated movie and interactive e-card. All you have do is install the app, select the movie and download  first. You can then animated e-greeting by adding your own text and sending  to your loved one via e-mail.

Before downloading, the app allow you to preview the short video, saving you time and space to choose the  someone special. If you like animated -card, then add Valentine Video Greet to your best free greeting card Android app collection.

[Download Link]

Nicky Greetings Christmas

Nicky Greetings Christmas

If you are looking for splendid custom Christmas e-greeting, then this collection  free Christmas card will be your ideal choice. You can  your card by adding your own personal messages using different fonts and smiley icons. In Christmas Greeting, the various background choices available are quite diverse, from beautiful Yule trees to snowy background and cute angels. While you will not find any animated background, you will find every background quite subtle and decent.

Except for the Christmas theme, this free greeting card app  include other holiday. The developers have come up with a new application that includes other  but sadly that app is  paid version. this free greeting app will appeal to user who are looking for free Christmas card.

[Download Link]

Doodle Wish Legacy

Doodle Wish Legacy

While other e-greeting card builder have their own -bundled card and backgrounds, Doodle Wish Legacy lets you capture images or load your own artwork from your paint gallery and redesign it using a of font and drawing option.

Doodle Wish Legacy is one of the best  greeting card Android app that does not have any collection of greeting card background. It lets you create your own  by capturing image using your device camera and adding text and a bit of doodling and painting to create your greeting card. It also has of new template and additional templates to make doodling much easier. You can check out the Happy Birthday template as  Doodle Wish splash screen. Just design your own greeting using your own images or template and send the e-greeting for free over  You can also use this app for free chat or messaging via . Doodle Wish Legacy is available for Android 15 version and above.

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