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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

best jobs in new zealand 2021

  best jobs in new zealand 2021 

 1. Information Technology Manager

First on our list of top-paying job  New Zealand is  IT manager. Responsible for coordinating, planning and leading IT-related  within  business, as well as being responsible for integrating computer system, this is a very vital  in any organisation.

Like a lot of  in the industry, there are not many requirement, but a degree can be extremely beneficial. Such  include information technology   management. 

Salary Range: NZ$107,000-$150,000 per year

2. Building and Construction Manager

The construction industry in New Zealand is constantly  demand. Arguably, this is amongst the most important job within the construction industry  they are in charge  overseeing  entire project. They also closely  engineer. With  relevant degree and experience in the construction industry,  will financially rewarded in this career. 

Salary Range: NZ$95,000-$170,000 per year

3. Information Technology Architect

IT architects have some of the best-paid job in the IT industry, even if you just starting out. In charge designing, implementing and overseeing  technologies, this job keep the technology and software up to date. A Bachelor of Information Systems and  minimum of ten year experience is usually required to become an IT architect.

Salary Range: NZ$112,000-$155,000 per year 

4. Marketing Manager

Those with a communication or marketing degree will be interested know that a marketing manager is up there with being one of the highest paying job  New Zealand. Managing promotional aspect of a business  brand, this job create brand . This role often offers great benefit including housing transport. Many aspire   a marketing manager.

Salary Range: NZ$80,000-$200,000 year

5. Procurement Manager

While there are no requirement to become  procurement manager, having a degree in business  management is a great asset  have. As the primary point  contact between supplier and business, they play a vital role in each business. Procurement is continuously  high demand  New Zealand and often comes with great benefit. 

Salary Range: NZ$85,000-$200,000  year

6. Ship’s Master

With much of New Zealand’s trade entering the country  the ocean, those  charge of the ship are in demand and offered  very competitive salary. Also known  a ship’s captain,  person is responsible  the boat, crew, passenger and cargo.  become a ship’s master you must gain a certificate  competency after attaining the necessary experience and qualification. 

Salary Range: NZ$42,000-$250,000 per yea

7. Ophthalmologist

Performing eye surgery, diagnosing eye diseases, prescribing and fitting glasses are part of daily life as an ophthalmologist. This role requires  Bachelor of Health Sciences  Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, plus a minimum of two years as  junior supervised doctor. Specialised testing and qualification are also required which can take upward of five years. But, it’s all worth  when you see the salary

Salary Range: NZ$58,000-$240,000 year  

8. Mine Manager

Mining is an extremely lucrative business, and no degree is required  enter  industry. Instead, extensive experience in the sector is required to to this position. Mine manager oversee the operation of the mine as well as planning and organising and activities Those with an engineering degree are also looked favourably upon in mining role. 

Salary Range: NZ$100,000-210,000  year

9. Senior Communications Specialist

Degrees in business, journalism, communication and public relation are hugely beneficial in the communication sector, especially if you want to become a senior communication specialist. The job require you  be extremely versatile, as you should be able to conduct marketing campaign, create content as well as gather and disseminate data. With  ability to from account manager all the way to the top, this is a great way to  into a high paid role. 

Salary Range: NZ$70,000-$250,000  year

10. Financial 

Advising people on how best to use and manage their money is amongst the daily task financial .  Although this isn’t the easiest of jobs to get into, Financial  are some of  best paid in the finance sector.  You do require a relevant degree in business, finance banking as well as a Financial Advice Provider Licence. 

Salary Range: NZ$72,000-$250,000  year

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