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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

how to get job in united kingdom 2021


how to get job in united kingdom 2021

1. Delivery Driver

Average Base Salary: £20,055

Number of Open Job: ~4,205

What does a delivery driver do?

A delivery driver is responsible for delivering order  customer on time. The job also involve reviewing order for delivery, loading and unloading the van/truck/vehicle and providing customer service support  customer. 

How can I get a job  a delivery driver?

You’ll need a full driving licence to be  delivery driver, good eyesight and some customer service skill - good communication. Look out for delivery job on 

Top companies hiring for a delivery driver? 

There’s a high demand for delivery driver and some  the top companies hiring include , Abel & Cole, Just Eat and Amazon.

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2. Project Manager

Average Base Salary: £43,000

Number of Open Job: ~22,791

What does  project manager do?

The term ‘project manager’ is broad, but typically a project manager’s responsibility is to plan, organise, control and deliver  project on time, within budget and within the scope out at the start. 

How can I get  job project manager?

People who work in project management tend  have  business-related degree. They may start  assistant level and then move up. to work in an area  related  your degree, you can complete a postgraduate course  project management. Equivalent qualification are  available. 

Top companies hiring for a project manager? 

Project manager work  all industries and some of the companies hiring include Mace, The AA and 

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3. Store Manager

Average Base Salary: £29,250

Number of Open Job: ~4,537

What does a store manager do?

A store manager has responsibility for  running. Duties may include setting staff rota, the hiring and training of new staff, motivating staff, developing promotional campaign, managing budget and dealing with customer. 

How can job as a store manager?

You don’t need a degree or specific qualifications to  store manager. A general business sense will help, along with good communication skill and the ability to delegate. Most store manager start in  junior role and work their way up,  enrol on a store manager apprenticeship scheme.  

Top companies hiring for a store manager? 

Some of the top companies hiring  store managers include , The Furniture Store,  supermarket, The Body Shop and Coffee.

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4. Customer Assistant

Average Base Salary: £16,007

Number of Open Job: ~5,979

What does a customer assistant do?

A customer service assistant’s job is  help customers in  way they can. Depending on where you work, this may involve showing customers how product work, taking customer order (face-to-face, over the phone or online), handling payment, dealing with customer queries or complaints and arranging store display. 

How can I get  job customer assistant?

Specific qualification aren’t needed to be  customer service assistant, though previous experience in a similar job will make  stand out  companies who are hiring. Employer look  people who are friendly, have good communication and  genuinely want  help people. 

Top companies hiring for  customer assistant? 

Customer service assistants play an important function  stores as they’re the face the business. Top companies hiring include The Co-op, , Tesco and 

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5. Store Assistant

Average Base Salary: £17,967

Number of Open Jobs: ~2,700

What does a store assistant do?

A store assistant is similar to  customer service assistant, just that a store assistant typically work in retail. As  store assistant, you may be asked to help customer, take payment, clean the store, order stock and greet customer at the door. 

How can I get a job   store assistant?

Formal qualifications aren’t necessary  be a store assistant though employers may ask that you have a minimum of 5  including . Good communications skill  highly sought after as well as  friendly personality. Most employer offer training  their store assistant. 

Top companies hiring for  store assistant? 

If you want a job as a store assistant, these are some the top companies hiring; Burberry,  Vision Express and 

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6. Software Engineer

Average Base Salary: £55,000

Number of Open Jobs: ~11,816

What does a software engineer do?

A software engineer’s job is to check, maintain and improve IT system so they fulfil  certain need. This is usually done under the direction of  system architect. Doing this involve, among other thing analysing user need, writing and designing with code, improving existing program and making suggestion  future development, 

How can I get a job  software engineer?

Most employers will require you to have a degree in  related subject such  Computer Science, IT,  or Software Engineering. If you have a degree   unrelated subject, you may be able to apply through a graduate trainee scheme. 

Top companies hiring for software engineer? 

Software engineers can work in most  and some of the top companies hiring include Direct Line Group, National Grid, Cinch Cars Ltd,  Group and .

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7. Sales Assistant

Average Base Salary: £16,977

Number of Open Job: ~3,063

What does a sales assistant do?

A sales assistant is similar  store assistant. Sales assistant are there to help customers find the product they’re looking for, demonstrate how product work, take payment, put stock on the shelves and help with customer queries and complaint. 

How can I get a job sales assistant?

Skill and experience  more important than qualification when it comes to being a sales assistant. A friendly personality, good verbal communication skill[ and a genuine interest in helping people will help you get a sales assistant job. 

Top companies hiring for a sales assistant? 

For those looking for  job as a sales assistant, here are some of the top companies that are hiring;  and Travis Perkins.

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8. Customer Service 

Average Base Salary: £18,801

Number of Open Jobs: ~3,309

What does a customer service do?

As a customer service r, you’re the main point  contact for customers. Your duties may involve answering customer question (face-to-face, over the phone or online), suggesting product to customer and providing information on how products work. 

How can I get customer service ?

You don’t need a specific qualification to be  customer.Being able to remain calm under pressure, think on your feet, being computer literate and having good communication skill will help you in finding  job  customer service 

Top companies hiring for a customer service ? 

If you’re looking for  customer service job, among the top companies hiring are Shell Energy, The Range, Warehouse and Lego.

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9. Operations Manager

Average Base Salary: £42,500

Number of Open Job: ~10,958

What does an operations manager do?

An operations manager has a broad remit of  and what they specifically do will depend on the industry and  employer. Overall an operation manager  in charge of the smooth running of an organisation. Area they cover can be split into people, core operation, budget delivery and strategy. Successfully managing these five core areas will result   efficient company. 

How can I get a job  an operations manager?

Employer favour people who have a degree, even better if you have a business-related degree. Employer may also look for people who have industry experience. Graduate may  able to find a route into operations management through a graduate trainee scheme. 

Top companies hiring  an operations manager? 

Included in the top companies that are hiring for operations manager are Network Rail, , Vodafone and .

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10. Business Analyst

Average Base Salary: £42,000

Number of Open Job: ~7,748

What does  business analyst do?

Overall the job of a business analyst is to help  organisation plan the future. This involves understanding where company is currently at, what its future need may be and then creating solution to meet these need. This typically relates IT and software solution, but it may include other things like staffing and budget. 

How can I get  job  business analyst?

People with a business-related degree such as Business Information System will stand out to employer. Having project management experience also help. Soft skill that will help you get  job as a business analyst include teamwork, good communication and leadership . 

Top companies hiring for  business analyst? 

If you’re interested  working as a business analyst, these are the top companies that are hiring;  Group, The Scottish Government, Save  Children, and Kellogg Company.

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