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Monday, March 21, 2022

top 10 credit cards in india easy to get

   top 10 credit cards in india easy to get 

1. HDFC's MoneyBack credit card - best for beginners 

if you are new the world of credit card, then HDFC's MoneyBack credit card is the right pick for you. using this card is  great way to start building your credit score  saving money. with its cashback benefit, you will save money for every penny you spend.

here is how it works; for every ₹180  spent, you will receive 2 reward points and twice if it's online. you can then redeem these reward point as gifts  miles from the exclusive rewards . but remember that you will need a minimum of 3,500 point  to be eligible to redeem it.


2. - HDFC Diners Club Black card - best premium credit card

his credit card is the whole package for high-end spenders with unlimited global lounge access and competitive bonuse. the HDFC Diners Club Black card has a credit limit of ₹4 lakh  making it the ideal premium credit card. 

it has been dubbed  the best international credit card rightfully so. it offer  of the lowest foreign currency exchange rates at 3.0%. moreover, you will have access to six complimentary golf game per quarter.

3.  Bank Pioneer Legacy card - best zero annual fee credit card

the IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy card has the highest reward rate among all lifetime free credit card in India. you'll be able to bag a 1% reward rate on all your weekday expenditure (1 point per ₹100 spent) and an even better 2% on the weekend.

moreover, as part of their anniversary bonus, you shall receive an additional 8,000 points if you spend ₹6,00,000 within a year. as a sign-up bonus, you will receive exclusive gift voucher for  Hotel groups and a Luxe gift card - one card for several indulgences.

joining fee: ₹45,000 + GST  

annual fee: nil

4. SBI Card PRIME - best lifestyle credit card

dubbed as the best credit for utility bill payment,  Card PRIME come with  priority pass for 4 free international and 8 free domestic airport lounge visit.

it come with welcome e-gift vouchers worth ₹3,000. this can be used to purchase from the following brand, like Pantaloons,  Puppies, Shoppers Stop, etc. the annual fee is waived off for cardholders with at least ₹5  lakh worth of expenses. this card both MasterCard World and Visa Signature variant.  

5. American Express Platinum Travel credit card - best credit card  travel

the American Expres Platinum  credit card is  perfect  . along with complimentary lounge access, this card offer additional travel voucher.

it’s all about reaping those milestone benefit. you will receive a welcome gift of 20,000 reward point, which is redeemable for the voucher, or pay with point option in  travel online worth ₹3,000. on top of that, you will receive travel vouchers worth ₹4,500 by spending ₹1.9 lakh in  year.

6. Standard Chartered - best credit card for online shopping

the Standard Chartered  credit card is meant for anyone who prefer online shopping. you can get up to 35% discount for travel, clothes, food, tickets, or cab rental. with this credit card, you save up to ₹3,550 per month.

however, you can only use this card for certain online platform to avail of the discount offer. you get a 30% discount on for every purchase, 20% off domestic flight booked on and 25% off on domestic hotel bookings.

7. SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card - best for student

college student looking to manage their expenses can consider the  Student Plus Advantage credit card. this is an exclusive card for customer who have taken an educational loan with. you can get your card against a fixed deposit, making it a secured credit card that doesn’t   annual fee.

8.  Platinum card - best for grocery shopping

a massive chunk of our expenses goes into grocery shopping. a survey, grocery shopping took almost 28% of average Indian's entire budget.

the  Platinum credit card is your best  option when it come to grocery shopping. it is the  pick because you cashback on every grocery or retail expenditure. so, if you spend  least ₹1,600 on grocery transactions, then this card is your best option. 

9. Axis Pride Signature - best credit card for 

 a massive chunk of our expenses goes into grocery shopping.  survey, grocery shopping took almost 28% of the average Indian's entire budget.

the  Platinum credit card is your best  option when it comes  grocery shopping. it is the top pick because you cashback on every grocery retail expenditure. so, if you spend at least ₹1,600 on grocery transactions, then this card  your best option. 


10. Advantage Black card - best business credit card

’ Business Advantage Black card is one of the best business card out there. this exclusive card aim to drive businesses ,you stand to receive up to 2% cashback on both domestic and international expenses. this card does  , from air travel to car rentals to professional services, such  accounting services, advertising, marketing, etc. 

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