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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

top 10 qr / bar code reader applications

top 10 qr / bar code reader applications



The ASAP BarCloud App is actually a complete, cloud-based asset management or inventory program, accessible from any iOS or Android device, also  from  Internet browser. With automatic backup and  ability to schedule your own custom backups, your data is always safe readily accessible. Easy inventory counting to complex systems, like  batch-lot and  inventory, are supported, and you’ll never track of shared assets with  check-in and check-out system.  aren’t an abundance of user reviews obtainable , but the mobile app earn four stars or better on both iTunes and Google Play.



Scandit is  SDK that enable enterprises to incorporate  scanning functionality in a phone app.AN  is same to an API for developer, as it enables companies to build mobile app for iOS  Android. Not quite the traditional ready-to-go mobile app,  is a  choice for developers who are building app that would advantage from scanning capabilities,also  enterprises commissioning proprietary mobile app where this capability would be  value-added component and alleviate  require to download  third-party application.

 Scan to Spreadsheet


Scan to Spreadsheet is  easy app simple functionality. But sometimes, that’s exactly what users require ; a basic app that scans  and stores data in  central database, Scan to Spreadsheet is precisely what you’re searching for. A some reviewer its lack of flexibility and tool, but others love its basic features.




With QuickMark, you can not only scan, but make  barcode and QR code. The cross-platform scanner reads multiple kinds of barcodes and multiple  format, making it one of the most versatile  app obtainable . With less manual data entry, you can speedily and easily record URL, item name, location, and much more. Overall, owner seem to be pleased with the app, although a some complain that it doesn’t scan much.




ScanLife is  barcode inventory app that permits consumer to scan QR codes and  on any product and pull up information like  nutritional fact and ingredient, prices, and nearby location where products can be bought real time. The  app is part of a larger platform  businesses who wish to better engage mobile user, by incorporating QR code into marketing strategies. With nearly 48,000 consumer reviews  Google Play alone,  obtain positive feedback overall.

NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner


NeoReader obtain ton of user feedback at the iTunes and Google Play Stores, but it seems the most recent version fares much better than  edition of this app. At iTunes, the recent version earn an average rating of 4.5 star out  5, in just over 30 user review. The overall rating, however,  just two star, based on more than 5,200 consumer review. Most user say it scan almost any code, in contrast to typical scanner apps, which can be limited on the scope of their scanning.


i-nigma Reader


 i-nigma is free to download, but the company utilizes advertising to offset some of  development and ongoing maintenance cost. This reasons some user  gripe about small ads on the dashboard, but most don’t seem to mind and say they have no issue scanning just about any  using app. It scan  and  to act as a streamlined Rolodex, instantly storing contact details in your phone’s contact list, open maps with Geo codes, and adds events to your phone’s calendar with calendar, Moreover to scanning QR,  and  code for a fully-functional app for 

Lynkee Reader


Lynkee is a barcode scanner app geared more toward the costumer than the inventory control or asset manager, but it is a easy and handy app with  ability to scan a variety of 1D and , containing . Scan to store contact info, compare prices, search your scanning history and more. Consumer say this  reader application is quick and accurate, but there are a some  complaint from user who just can’t seem to get it to open or scan properly.



A free optical barcode scanner app that helps 2D, Bidi and 1D (Datamatrix / QR /Ean 8 & 13) barcodes, is designed to be easy  and straightforward  use. User can make their own optical  for free, and scan any supported  to quickly access content such as music, images, video, files, websites,  more. Built-in sharing features enable you to share the content you find  with your contacts,  well. This  app obtains just two star at iTunes, but no written review are available, so it’s tough to tell why users give it  low rating. Google Play user usually like it, but some think it’s just standard technology nothing special.



BeeTagg has  set of app: a mobile  scanner app, a QR code creator app, an app for contact management and generating your own personal QR-code business card, a  app and now even a mobile app to make fancy, designer QR code. A free  app, is pretty sophisticated in term of its scanning functionality, but it doesn’t give  any comprehensive built-in database . That told , you can copy and paste details and code  later documentation. User usually say it work okay, but there are some  reported with codes and definite phone model.

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