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Monday, June 27, 2022

By registration number how can we get information about that vehicle and their owner


By registration number how can we get information  about that vehicle and their owner


                               Think that , you go somewhere and your car is collision with someone’s car and that car owner is rush from there . In this situation registration number is very useful way to get information about that car and owner. Also you want to buy used vehicle that time registration number is helps you to get information about its old owner .


                Find information about vehicle and their owner through registration number make very easy by government. The centre, by the ministry of road transport and highways, out national registry known as “VAHAN”.


             The  main aim of government by launch this policy is gathering information about driving licence and vehicle registration from district transport office (DTO) and region transport office (RTO)spread  across to nation .


 Here we mention steps of how to know information about vehicle owners by registration number on VAHAN .
  official website “VAHAN” on chrome. on ‘ know your vehicle details’ on top.


3.then enter the registration number of car or bike( plate number).


4.Then enter human verification code and click on ‘ search vehicle’. get information about owner and his vehicle.




When  you do process which is describe above ,you will get  below information .



Registration number


Registration date


Owner name


Insurance expiry date


Chassis and engine number


Manufacturing date and manufacture’s name


Fuel type


Registration expiry date


Vehicle type


Road tax details


Status of the registration certificate


This service is applicable to all states like Gujarat , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh , Bihar ,  Odisha , Maharashtra , Jammu and Kashmir , Goa , Tripura , Assam , Meghalaya , Manipur , Mizoram ,  Nagaland , Karnataka , Tamil Nadu ,  Telangana etc ..


How to check registration details by SMS

In  such a cases if you have no  data connection in your phone and you want to know registration details immediately , government also provide you a service of SMS .


1.    Enter VAHAN vehicle registration number .

2.    Send SMS to this number:7738299899



Then you will get all details about that registration number .




Here are some cases which in you need to registration number Details .




Hit and Run Case :

                                   When you go somewhere and in case someone hit your car or bike and run that time you note their plate number and get all details about them and you can claim from them .



Accident : 

                   Unfortunately if happens with you an accident and your car or bike get damaged and there is dispute between you and other party . that time registration number helps you more .



Buying a Used Vehicle :

                                              When you buying a used vehicle and you don’t know information about vehicle owner that time registration number become very useful .


No  Objection Certificate :

                                                  With VAHAN, RTOs across the country can access your vehicle data through the centralized database or the national registry of vehicle’s registration certificates. Hence, you may not require to present a NOC for your vehicle.


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