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Monday, June 27, 2022

Schemes for students to study in abroad by government


Schemes for students to study in abroad by government



        Who Doesn’t want to study in abroad ? obviously no one . But very few students can go abroad for study . Another students can’t go abroad for study . why ? . because if we wish to study in abroad , we must have two things . one merit and second money . May be we come in merit by our hardworking and focus on study but there is big question rise about money..... not everyone afford it . that’s why they can’t fulfil their dream .


           With take this point in mind government launch many schemes for students to study in abroad . Everyone know that education is how much important for self development and also country too.



          Types  of  government scholarship


Merit  -  based :

                                 Here students  can get government scholarship on their academic records and achievements in co – curricular activities like sports , quiz , debate , group discussion etc.. a student with higher academic performance can get this scholarship .


Student – centric :

                                             Some scholarships are based on students particular colour , gender , religion , family , cast , etc . some countries are give scholarship to students based on their medical condition .


 Destination  :

                               Several governments are offers scholarship to student  destination  base. For example the New Zealand and UK government offer fellowship only to students who are from commonwealth countries .


Specific Subject :

                                   If some students want to become export in particular subject , they can get scholarship from universities or institutes which are offer scholarship like this .


According  to  need :

                                        This scholarship is get students who’s financial condition is not good . to obtain this scholarship student should give their some official proofs such as income tax returns , income certificate , employment certificate etc.


For athletes :

                               This type scholarship is only available or best athletic students .  The grants require you to participate in hard training and represent your university at tournaments after balance your study .


Best government scholarships for students



1.Agatha  Harrison Memorial Fellowship :



Under this fellowship government placed  student at  St . Antony College , oxford university London , for academic year .



Type of fellowship : merit

Amount :  £    29,944.85

            Subject : economics , History and political /social science


         2.Fullbright- Nehru Master’s Fellowship :


Fullbright  Nehru Master fellowship helps to students who want to study in abroad for master degree at US ‘s top universities .


Type of Fellowship : Merit

Amount or type of expenses :Tuition , living costs , travel                allowances , health cover .

Subjects: All (in masters )



Besides this, the Indian government also partners with the same foundation to provide scholarships for other subjects and benefits, including the

  • Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship for Indian PhD students
  • Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships for Indian PhD students.




3.National overseas Scholarship for SC Students :



This is one of the leading government scholarship for scheduled cast students to go abroad for study . there are 100 award in this scholarship. There is also government scholarship for ST category but there are seats awarded only 20 . 


Type of scholarship :Student – centric

Amount or type of expenses : tuition fees , books costs , airfare and living cost


Subject :Engineering , Technology , and science for ST

                  Management , pure and applied science ,Medicine , Agricultural  science , commerce , Accounting and finance  for SC .


4. Dr Ambedkar yojana  of interest subsidy on Educational loan for overseas studies :

                                          Motive of this scheme is to provide interest subsidies to OBC and ECW students . with purpose of help to students to build better life .


Type of scholarship :Need based

Amount or type of expenses :provides subsidies on interest payable by students during the study period .

Subjects : All subjects , degree of masters .

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