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Monday, June 27, 2022

Top 5 weather checking app in India


Top 5 weather checking app in india




        Now nothing is impossible through our smart phone .yes, you can manage  your almost activities by your phone within minutes and also at your home without go anywhere. Like you can pay our light bills, water bills, phone recharge, shopping, study, job, entertainment, etc...


              You can’t believe that now we also know about yesterday or for some day’s weather in advance in our smart phone . Yes you read right. It’s very surpricing thing for us. But it’s fact.


            What is benefit of  weather checking apps?

1.                You  can know about weather in advance.

2.                If  weather is not suitable for you ,you can change or postpone your planne .

3.                You  can  arrange your activities with weather.

4.                If  your work is very important and you will  have to go for your work than you can take some things with you for your safty.



       Here we  suggest  you some apps that shows you weather in advanced of  any place wherever  you want to know.



                              Accuweather INC. is the U.S company which was founded by Joel  N. Myers in 1962.1972, the corporation changed it’s name into “accuweather”. A gas company of Pannsylvania is his first client. it’s  provide commercial  weather forecast across  the world . Accuweather  has their offices are in Montreal ,Mumbai ,beljing, seoul, Tokyo , among other places.


                  The app has huge collection of functions in each screen. Minutecast is an out standing feature of this app. It will give you notification minute by minute for next two hours of weather forecast. This app will provide you alerts of weather like snowfall, tornadoes , thunderstorms. This app also displays you about wind direction, air qulity, humidity cloud coverage in addition to sunny and rain condition.




                Flowx has created an Android app that shows data in a visually appealing manner. If you are interested in weather forecast information than you should download flox app . it gives certain information about forecast and supplementary information  in maps,graph,drawing. Some apps are available on Android and iOS ,but Flox is only available on Android. on the way

                             Google map  shows you  the direction and route  for your driving . in such a case if there is weather is not good that time google map doesn’t show you . in like these cases  weather on the way app helps you . when you go somewhere  weather on the way show weather of further place’s weather which will come into your track .if we know about weather deeply than you click on that place it shows you all details about it. Weather on the way also show .

                         When you travel anywhere first you enter your details in it like beginning place, destination place and time . If you allow it, app will as soon as possible gather your current location and give you further suggestions . one mind blowing thing about this app is it provides navigation with weather information which will become become very use while driving.


4.Yahoo weather

                       If we want to describe this app in one word is “attractive “. It’s user interface is very attractive nd easy . it’s not only get attention but it also gave useful and certain information about weather . its clear and simple presentation makes  more popular compared to other apps in public. Android and iOs both are support it .


5.Dark sky

                 Dark sky is not free app like other apps Because of its service and system . its costly . After see its apple purchase its whole compny  in its store in  March 2020.  “time machine” thing in this app is very attractive thing in it you will ever see .

               It shows you weather condition details of time when you travel in past or future . The apps algorithm provides you warning about storms and how long time they will stay.                 



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