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Monday, June 27, 2022

Top free apps for send greetings


Top free apps for send greetings


                                      Are you want to send greetings to your family members , relatives , friends and neighbours and another anyone . here we suggest you some text free apps which is helps you in your this motive .



1.Google Voice :

                                                Google voice is very popular and excellent apps for free texting . it lets you make free calls and send SMS to USA or Canada . in addition you can get benefit of Google chrome extension for computer use , a nifty app with material designs , and some really nice voicemail options for calls . It’s a rock – solid option and you should once try it . Please make one note here that you must have Google account for use this app .

2. Text Free :

                             Text free is one of the most popular apps in Android . It also works in iOS . The app does what it says . it has also a feature of free calls . However you have limited 60 min free per month . you can watch video ads and purchase more min if you need .



3 .  TextMe Up :

                                                TextMe Up is not so different from Text free . The apps gives you a phone number , you send  text them and receive them .   The app has fewer ads per page , but there are ads in more places . it’s also supports phone calls with credit system . This app only has free SMS in United States and Canada .  


4.TextNow :

                              TextNOw is another one best option for free text and for free calls . It has the cleanest UI of apps on the list . It sent text and made calls during testing without any issues . As it turns out, TextNow also operates as a sort of MVNO .This is seriously great experience . However , free calls are  limited only to United States and Canada .


5.Text Plus :

                                      Text Plus is another one best option for send greetings free to another person . Its offers free Text and Calls only in United States and Canada . However it works on credit system . You can earn credits by watching ads , basically. It s certainly is another one good option if the previous app are didnt work for you .


6.Bonus : pulse SMS and Others:

                                                                                                Many peoples looking for that apps which is fulfil their free texting wish . Pulse SMS , Android Messages , AirDroid , Pushbullet , are excellent apps for   satisfied their wish .  these apps Dont provide you free messages .   Our choice is Pulse SMS . it is clean and its one of the few with a single – up front cost instead of a subscription . You basically install this app on all your device and it all send and receive all your text from your normal phone number . This app dont let you send free text , but it let you send free text on all your devices .



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