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Friday, July 29, 2022

How to Reset Your Apple ID Password: 5 Simple Ways

How to Reset Your Apple ID Password: 5 Simple Ways

Apple ID is the doorway to the Apple’s ecosystem. Just name it — from App Store and iCloud to Apple Music and dozens of other services — you require your Apple ID and password to access them. But what if you set aside its credentials? It’s obvious that your digital life can go via a hiatus. If you are someone going through the similar situation, here’s good news for you. There are multiple ways that you can utilize to reset your password and get your digital life back on track. 

How to Reset Apple ID or i Cloud Password?

  • Reset Apple i Cloud password with email or security question
  • Reset with two-factor authentication 
  • Reset using iPhone
  • Reset Apple ID using Mac
  • Recover your Apple ID 

Reset Apple iCloud Password With Email or Security Question

1. Visit to in your browser.

2. Enter your Apple ID in the provided box and click on Continue.

3. Choose the option to reset the password and click Continue.

4. You’ll obtain two options to reset: Get an email or Answer security questions.

5. In this example, we’ll reset utilizing email. So choose  Receive an email and click on Continue.

6. Once done you’ll get an email to reset your password.

7. Open that email → click Reset Now → enter and confirm your new password → and click on a Reset Password. 

When you select “Answer security question”

If you wish to reset your password by answering security questions, follow the first 3 steps and select Answer security questions. Once done follow the steps under.

1. Verify your birthday and tick Continue.

2. You’ll be asked to answer two security questions, reply them and click Continue.

3. Now, you’ll obtain the option to reset the password. Enter the latest password, re-enter to confirm it and click on Reset Password.

Reset With Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication on your iPhone offers you a higher level of protection by adding an additional layer of security to the authentication procedure. But apart from that, it can even serve the motive of resetting your Apple or iCloud password. Here’s how.

Visit to in your browser.

Enter your Apple ID and tick Continue.

Now you’ll require to enter your phone number associated with the device and click Continue.

You’ll obtain a list of devices that are associated with your account. Choose one and you’ll receive a notification on the respective device.

Tap on Allow and follow the stages on the device to reset your password.

Reset using iPhone or iPad

One of the easiest ways to reset your Apple ID is by using your iPhone or iPad. All you require is your device signed into your iCloud account and your phone’s pass code. 

Click on the <name> section in the settings. 

Click on Password & Security. 

Click Change Password, enter your iPhone’s passcode and tap Done. 

Enter your new password and verify it in the box under. 

Click Change to save changes. 

Reset Apple ID using Mac

Open iCloud from the method preferences. 

Click on Account information on the left.

Tap Security and then click Change Password.

You’ll be questioned to enter your Mac password.

Now you can enter the new Apple ID password, re-enter to verify and tap on Change.

What If You Forgot Your Apple ID?

The above are the various methods to reset your Apple ID or iCloud password. But what if you set aside the Apple ID itself? Here are the few easy steps to recover it. 

Visit to in your browser.

Tap on  look it up below field box. 

Now you’ll require to enter the information in the field box — first name, last name and alternative email address. Tap Continue. 

You’ll be led  to a page saying Apple ID Found mentioning your Apple ID. 

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