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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

5 Common Amazon Alexa Issues and How to Fix Them

  5  Common Amazon Alexa Issues and How to Fix Them

We'll highlight some common problems with Amazon's assistant and how you can fix each one.

1. Searching Smart Devices With Alexa Isn't Working

When Alexa is having problem finding your smart home device, your first job is to confirm  your device is actually compatible with Alexa.

If you're sure it is, the next step is to check your Alexa app (iOS, Android) on your smartphone to watch if you can connect the device through there.

 After all else unsuccessful , restart your Echo device by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. This will support reset the connection and, hopefully, allow you to search your smart home device using Alexa.

Your last resort for this problem , and most other issues on this list, is to factory reset your device. Confirm all other possibilities are tested before performing a reset because your customized settings will be wiped away.

2. Alexa Doesn't Stream Music Properly

If you're having streaming issues with your Alexa it's probably related to either a bad Wi-Fi connection or low bandwidth.

Try loading a site on your mobile and see if you have slow loading times. If the site is taking too long, reset your internet router to solve the issue.

If you're downloading a movie or playing a game that takes up too much online data, then your issue could be bandwidth-related. Pause your other online activities till you're done streaming music via Alexa.

Spotify will often have issues streaming through Alexa. Disconnect the music service by opening the app and choosing Settings > Music & Podcasts > Spotify > Disable Skill. Then effort  reconnecting it.

3. Alexa Wi-Fi Stopped Working

Similar to streaming music utilizing Alexa, you wish to check your connection when you're having issues with Alexa and your Wi-Fi.

Usually, your device will start displaying an orange ring light when the Wi-Fi is not working correctly . Alexa even won't be able to hear your commands and respond appropriately.

Use another device to check the internet to determine if your router is the source of the trouble . It's either that or Alexa is a malfunctioning.

You can restart your router or your Alexa device to see if it supports with the connection. It's possible that your Alexa device probable  out of range of a Wi-Fi signal as well.

Move Alexa closer to the internet router and check  the connection after moving. Even , move any other electronics that may be interfering with the signal into a different room. It's feasible these could be skewing your connection.

4. Alexa Isn't Responding to My Voice

Don't take it individually , it could be that Alexa isn't used to your voice yet. Or, it has too much background interference to make out what you said.

If the dishwasher is on or someone is vacuuming, try Alexa at a later time when there is less turbulence. Try placing the speaker in a different place. The microphones inside Echo devices work best when positioned away from walls, other speakers, or sources of ambient turbulence .

Another solution is to set up a Voice ID, so Alexa can become more familiar with the your voice. Voice ID might not be obtainable on an older version of the Alexa app. Confirm  it is updated to the latest version.

To set up Voice ID, open the Alexa app and choose  Settings > Your Profile & Family. Click on your profile name and then choose Set Up Voice ID. Alexa will prompt you to say a few unique phrases at an average distance away from the device.

 After finishing the prompts, Alexa will be able to better understand and recognize your voice. This even permits you to use personalized features, like  shopping on Amazon, without having to authenticate yourself each time.

5. Alexa Gets Triggered Accidentally

If Alexa thinks it hears its own name, it will turn on by chance and interrupt whatever you're doing.

The main cause this happens is that either you, your friends, or the TV said a phrase that sounds similar to "Alexa." To fix this, change the wake phrase to a less common word such as Echo.

Alexa will even reply if you ask why it performed a specific action. You may even learn how to correct your pronunciation to avoid the trouble in the future.

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