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Monday, August 01, 2022

Worried about electricity bill while using AC? 6 tips on how you can save money

 Worried about electricity bill while using AC? 6 tips on how you can save money

Here we go with 6 electricity-saving tips for this summer to save you from giant bills: 

Set Default Temperature

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rolled out a order for AC manufacturers to keep the default temperature of an air conditioner at 24°C (before the default temperature was twenty degrees).

Studies have described that around 6% of electricity is being saved for every degree we increase the temperature. Hence, the lower you keep your cooling temperature, the longer will the compressors work and surely , the electricity bill will rise.

So, in case you would love to choose your AC running at its default temperature, you can surely save a lot of electricity!

But if you really cannot bear the temperature, then you surely fix the temperature as per to your preference.

Keep it at 24 °C, instead of 16 °C

Living in a city such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Bengaluru where we have many vehicles and the average day temperature is around 38°C, setting the AC to 10 degrees lower is common, without even stating. Even, our human bodies are mostly between the average temperature of 36-37 degrees, so any room below that is naturally cooler. 

Now, as we all know that every degree when we lower the AC, it swallow 6% more electricity than usual. Hence, changing the habit of lowering the temperature to around 23-24°C rather than 18 degrees is a better choice. 

And it will be visible and experienced, that even at a temperature such as 24-23 degrees, your room will be perfectly cool than what you expect.

Shut other devices and save electricity

This surely is not new and we have been listening from our parents and elders to close the extra games and windows to turn your room cooler. It surely looks like a no-brainier when we speak of an air-conditioner and it is even a must to seal all the windows tightly so that the cool air from the AC could not leave the room, circulate and keep the temperature worth remaining. 

Also the curtain plays a very important  role when it comes to cooling. You require without fail put on the curtains to save the room from the sun’s scorching heat from entering your room, and by doing this, the load on the AC will be decreased.

Heavy electronic devices such as fridges, televisions and computers emit a lot of heat waves, resulting in adding more heat to the heated room. This enables the air conditioner to put on more tries to cool the room. It is suggested to switch them off before you switch on the air conditioner, and let the room cool down a bit, and finally when it does, you can surely switch them back on.

Even, when you rearrange the furniture, make sure to not block the air vents.

Switch on and Switch off to Save Electricity

This is a myth that you require an air conditioner to work all night to keep your room cool. There are times when it tends to cool up your room so much that you might catch cold in the great summer season. 

Hence, to save electricity, you must keep the AC on for a couple of hours and afterwards, switch it off for a couple of the hours. The room will stay adequately cool along with saving electricity too. really a good way to save your power and cool your room simultaneously. 

Fan + AC = Reduced Energy Consumption

Some people have a perception that the fan may take more strength and circulate the warm air while ac efforts to cool the room down. It is a wrong thought wholly .

Keeping the ceiling fan on while running the AC can support  the user to keep the room ventilated and support in circulating the cool air in all corners of the house. Hence, you will not have to constantly arrange your temperature and pressurize the compressor.

For more efficient cooling and minimum energy consumption, you must begin with switching on the fan first, to drive away from the hot air from your room and finally switch on the air conditioner.

Regular Servicing and Cleaning Saves Electricity

If you are utilizing a new air conditioner, then it's not a problem, but if your AC is a little old and you can witness dirt accumulated in the ducts and vents, then the AC will have to work extra hard, assuring that the cool air reaches every corner of your room and making it cooler. Hence, if you replace a dirty filter with a new one or obtain it serviced, this may decrease the power consumption of your air conditioner, by 5-15% to be precise. And even it supports the device from breaking down.

I would love to conclude by stating that a number of brands such as LG Electronics, Samsung India, Thomson India, and more brands have added a number of AC variants which are designed for Indian weather and electricity pattern. The new air conditioners are designed to cater for the market requires and preferences of the customers- not only by cooling but with electricity consumption capacity along with the flexibility of adapting the fluctuating voltage as well. So, if you are utilizing an AC which is more than 5 years old and is making a lot of sound and cooling issues, you may further think of getting a new AC which will surely be more cost-effective and will have electricity sensibility too.

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