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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Breathing polluted air can lead to neurological damage, warns study

Breathing polluted air can direct to neurological damage, warns study

What can air pollution do to your body?

There have been many studies in the past citing that air pollution can significantly improving  the risk of neurological disorders, containing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other kinds of dementia. However, experts from the University of Birmingham and research institutions in the China, who conducted the study have now searched a direct pathway used by the inhaled fine particles through the bloodstream. The new findings show that the polluted air particles can stay longer in the brain than in other chief metabolic organs.

Not just that, the scientists have even found different fine particles in human cerebrospinal fluids of patients that have experienced brain disorders, which evidently uncovers that it is a outcome of toxic particulate substances that ended up in the brain.

“There are gaps in our knowledge around the injurious impacts of airborne fine particles on the central nervous system. This work sheds new light on the link between inhaling particles and how they subsequently move around the physique,” co-author Professor Iseult Lynch, from the University of Birmingham, told  in a statement.

“The data suggests that up to eight times the number of fine particles may approach the brain by travelling, through  the bloodstream, from the lungs than pass directly via the nose – adding new evidence on the bonds  between air pollution and detrimental effects of such particles on the brain.”

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