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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Here are 5 ways to improve your mental health during times of crisis

Here are 5 ways to improve your mental health during times of crisis

1. Move, move, move

We agree it’s hard to move, mainly when you’re not in the best mood. But guess what? It’s going to support you a great deal. You could go for cardio or pick up a strength training move—whatever you do, it will fill you with extra  energy, which is vital  to lead a happy and successful life. In fact, research suggests that daily exercise is associated with a reduced danger of depression and anxiety, and even improves brain health. Even if you’re busy, take some time out and obtain  some fresh air. 

2. Try to change your a routine

Again, we know this sounds hard, due to it’s a crisis, and how are you going to feel like doing anything? Well, when you shake up your routine, you’re going to search endless opportunities. You could try out a new form of an exercise, take up a new hobby or just pick up reading (we know most of us discover it hard to!), you’ll watch the kind of difference it creates to your life. Your productivity will improve and how! 

3. Talk to persons 

A global health crisis such as  coronavirus has forced us to stay cooped up at home, for our own safety. But as social beings, we know how hard it can be to not watch your BFF or your group of girls. Well, you can still speak about your feelings and release your emotions to someone you believe . It could be your family or your closest buddies; just get on a Zoom call and speak your a heart out. Believe us, you’ll feel a lot better.

4. Take a break from news and social media

We live in an age where we are compelled to stay joined at all times! That can be difficult , and without even realising, we put immense pressure on our minds. How about doing a short social media a detox? Or if that’s too tough , you could try and stop reading the news. These might seem such as big steps, but they’ll go a long way to support you get your mental health back on track.

5. Start a journaling

You might have many fears and concerns floating in your head, but if you keep thinking about them, you’re bound to have sleepless nights! That’s exactly why you could spend time journaling your thoughts at the end of all day. Create a list of all your fears, and even all the good things that happened during the day. This exercise is going to take your mind off from all a negativity!  


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