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Monday, October 17, 2022

5 Things That Are Secretly Triggering Your Acne

 Not Washing Your Hair Sufficient 

You may think not washing your a hair will only disturb your hair health, but that’s not true. An unclean and unhealthy scalp becomes a breeding spot of bacteria and germs that can simply  crawl up to your forehead and accelerate acne.

Dirty Pillow Cases

Oh my God, I can’t place adequate emphasis on this one. Most neglected but most damaging, dirty pillowcases can trigger more acne all over the face (mainly  the cheeks) than you think. This is due to all the dirt, oil, sebum (and also makeup, if you don’t remove it) can accumulate and build upon the pillowcases and transfer to your a skin.


Stress is as nice as poison and this is no secret. However, stress can even stimulate acne. Stress directs  to a bunch of skin concerns such as premature ageing, wrinkling and, most vitally , affects the ideal sebum regulation. As the oil production goes haywire, extreme sebum spurs acne.

Refined Foods With Oil

Several people, mainly adults, are prone to acne when they consume refined and carb-rich foods. Foods packed with an oils, sugars and carbohydrates can instantly enter into the bloodstream causing a spike in the insulin. This translates to an abundance of blood sugar which can reason  acne. Next time, select your food wisely.

Dirty Cell Phone Screen

It’s no lie that we spend most of our time browsing, chatting or talking over our beloved mobile phone. And, that, my friend, is what makes the device such a proper place for acne-causing germs and bacteria to settle down. The phone screen touches our face, hands, and so several more external stimuli before ending up at our faces again. This exposes our skin to a broad range of germs which can simply cause breakouts.

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