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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A yellow water bottle can help you lose weight


When water kept in a colored container is exposed to sunlight, it absorbs the vibration energy of that specific color. This procedure  is called polarizing or energizing water. To reap the advantages of the particular color, this water can be drunk or utilized for bathing. An unexpected advantage of polarized water of a specific color is weight loss. Read on to know the advantages of different colors of polarized water, containing the one color that can be utilized for weight loss.

How to create  polarized water

Things you will require: A plain glass, colored filter, rubber band, mineral water/spring water and muslin/cotton fabric.

How to create: 

Attach the selected color filter to the glass with the aid of a rubber band. Fill the glass with mineral water and cover the top with muslin/cotton cloth. Place this glass in the sunlight. Instead of a colored filter, you can utilize colored glass but in this case, the color should be strong sufficient and should not be light in shade.

How much time does the water take to obtain polarized?

This depends on how strong the sun is, such as in summer, the process may take only 2 hours but in winter, it may take a whole day. Polarized water can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 hours. Oils can even be polarized in a same way and can be utilized for a massage later.

Color for weight loss

As different colors serve different motives, the color good for weight loss is yellow. The yellow color is decided as the weight corrective color. You can use a yellow color tumbler or utilize a yellow color filter to polarize water with this color. You can have a glass of polarized yellow water half an hour before having your meals to help weight loss. Not only weight loss, yellow color even aids to cleanse your skin, prevent urine infection, aids in concentration, increases alertness and works as a laxative.

As having a well digestive system is one of the 1st  steps to lose weight, you can even  utilize an orange tumbler to polarize water in order to increase digestion, relieve menstrual pain, decrease cramps and lift depression.

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