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Monday, October 31, 2022

Animal Allergy: Reduce Exposure


Once an animal allergy has been identified, the 1st step is to reduce or eliminate exposure to the allergen, which is called environmental control. Next, your healthcare provider may recommend medications or therapies to control a symptoms. Evidence describes that allergy and asthma symptoms may increase over time if the recommended environmental control changes are made. Many environmental controls are for the whole home, but the bedroom is the most important because it is where people generally spend a third to half of their time. Environmental control measures to consider contain:

Remove animals from your house. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "hypo-allergenic" cat or dog, and short haired breeds are no less of a trouble than animals with long hair. 

If you must have a pet, select a pet without feathers or fur like fish, reptiles, or amphibians. Whatever kind of pet you have, keep it out of the allergic person's bedroom at all times.

If you have forced-air heating and a pet, vary the furnace filter as frequently as monthly, and close the air ducts in the allergic person's bedroom. If essential , use an electric heater instead.

In winter, make even more accommodations for pet dander in the house.  

Have a non-allergic individual wash the pet weekly.

Ignore visits to friends and relatives with feathered or furry pets.

Utilize a portable "HEPA" air cleaner to remove dander from the air in the bedroom. Be aware that the advantages may be limited due to  the large reservoir of dander in furniture and carpet.

If you are sensitive to feathers, do not utilize down comforters and pillows since they are made with feathers. Substitute them with a synthetic materials.

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