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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Are You A Responsible Traveler?


Here’s a look at some of the trends in travel (which you can adopt too):


Going Where The Crowds Are (Not): Exploring Hidden Gems


With COVID-19 introducing new terms like ‘social distancing’ into our daily vocabulary, it is no surprise that Indian travellers planning to travel in 2021 are looking for secluded destinations away from throngs of tourists. As more travellers become interested in exploring lesser-known destinations this year, these places will need to adopt new measures and practices to attract the responsible Indian traveller. There is also a renewed curiosity to travel during the off-season to avoid crowds and enjoy peaceful, undisturbed getaways.


Vocal For Local: Supporting Communities


The halt on travelling due to COVID-19 adversely affected the hospitality industry, with many institutions shutting down even as others struggled to stay afloat. With travel back on people’s minds, the pandemic has amplified their awareness about their impact on the environment and on local communities. Travellers are now more aware than ever before and evaluating the environmental and economic costs of their globetrotting, which will hopefully pave the way for more sustainable and regenerative travel in the future. There is a sense of giving back to the place and its community. 75 per cent of Indian travellers want their travel choices to support the destination’s recovery efforts and contribute to the recovery of the local economy, and 73 per cent want to see how their contributions are supporting the local communities.

Ditching Single-Use Plastics: Reducing Waste And Recycling


Waste is a huge issue in the travel and tourism industry. From the carbon footprint of air travel to the large-scale use of plastics that end up polluting communities and ecosystems, many are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of travel. The impact of the pandemic has inspired 55 percent of Indian travellers to consider reducing waste and recycling their plastic when travelling, indicating a rising interest in not only looking out for themselves but protecting the places they visit as well.  The hospitality and travel industry need to take steps towards sustainable travel practices that don’t have adverse effects on the environment. There is a need to switch to more eco-friendly products without compromising on safety and hygiene.


Long-Lasting Impact: Working Towards A Sustainable Future


Travel has the power to broaden horizons, open up opportunities, and connect people and cultures from around the world. More importantly, every trip also has the ability to have an immense impact on the environment and local communities of the place. As the survey indicates, 2021 will hopefully herald the rise of a mindful Indian traveller who is sustainable and conscious. Responsible travel at its core is about supporting local communities, reducing over-tourism of environmentally- precarious destinations, and promoting and preserving the culture and environment of these places. But, even through simple steps like eliminating single-use plastics, reducing electricity and water usage, we can work towards a sustainable future.


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