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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why gymming daily may be bad for weight loss


You're exhausted all the time: 

If you have been feeling burnt out all day after a great session at the gym, possibilities are gymming has affected your metabolism. One major matter with too much gymming is the soreness it brings with it. This soreness can create you slouch through the day and leave you exhausted all day! The motive of the exercise is to improve your energy levels and not diminish them.

Your body is bored: 

Even though in the starting you lose all that water weight and feel that you have finally found your calling, doing the similar routine every day means your body is bored now and will not change any further if you stick with it any longer. This is even your body's way of telling you that you require to change your routine and try something new. Your body becomes resistant to the same type of workout and hence, this can be one cause why you have stopped losing weight.

Over-training can direct to weight loss plateau:

Over-training can direct to the body hitting a weight loss plateau difficult to break. This means that over exhaustion is creating the body prone to stagnant weight.

Overworking your muscle: 

According to  experts, training for more than an hour can direct to muscle tear and not repair. When you are training, the muscles are being overworked. This means that your body requires a rest day, wherein your muscles require to repair themselves to tone up. Over exhaustion will stop this procedure and hence, your weight loss as well.

You feel hungry all the time: 

Over training and exhaustion even mean that you are hungry all the time. Calorie in is equal to calorie out and this procedure  only aggravates further if you overwork your muscles. This can hamper the body's procedure of losing weight because you will always be feeding it to make up for the lost energy and making a calorie deficit, which may stop your weight loss procedure.

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