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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Pick a Shoe to Match Your Sport

 Running Shoes

Ready for a jog? When your feet pound the pavement, you'll wish a shoe with plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock. Running shoes are prepared for forward motion, and they save the front of your foot and heel. A good pair may aid you ignore shin splints, stress fractures, tendinitis, and other troubles.

Minimalist Shoes

Wish the look and feel of running barefoot? Minimalist shoes, such as the "five finger" type, may be the answer. They're a light, flexible, and don't have much cushion. It's not clear whether they're better or worse than other shoes at detaining injuries. One study describes that pain and injury were more common in runners wearing minimalist shoes. Heavier people had a greater possibility  of getting hurt.

Walking Shoes

Search for a lightweight shoe if you're a walker. You'll need additional shock absorption in the heel and ball of your foot to cut down on pain and tenderness. Shoes with a slightly rounded sole or a "rocker" bottom aid shift weight more smoothly from the heels to the toes. Walking shoes are more drastic in the front so you can roll off your toes rather than bend them the way you do when you put on running shoes.

Tennis Shoes

When you play tennis, you create a lot of quick side-to-side movements. You require shoes that provide you support on the inside and outside of your feet. You also require flexibility in the sole under the ball of your foot for fast forward movements. Choose a softer-soled shoe if you play on a soft court. Select one with more tread for hard-court play.

Cross Trainers

These shoes can be a good selection  if you do more than one kinds of sport. Look for one that's flexible in the forefoot if you're going for a run but even has good side-to-side support for tennis or aerobics class.

Trail Running Shoes

Do you love to jog off-road? You'll wish shoes that can stand up to dirt, mud, water, and rock. a Trail shoes have a heavier tread than a traditional running shoe. They even have more heel and side-to-side support to keep you safe while you run on uneven surfaces.

Basketball Sneakers

They have a thick, stiff sole to provide you additional stability when you run up and down the court. High-top shoes help your ankle during quick changes in direction and when you a jump and land.

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