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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Slideshow: Your Goof-Proof Guide to Painless Fashion

Straps That Slice Into Your Ankles

You don't have to accept pain with beautiful shoes! When you go shoe shopping, try them on in the afternoon, when your a feet tend to swell. That causes too-tight straps to cut into your an ankles. If your strappy shoes provide you a small blister anyway, skip the Band-help -- it will just rub off. Instead, apply a heap of ointment to the part, which will let the strap slide around while soothing the sore.

Back-Breaking Handbag

You possibly can't get through the day without toting stuff like your makeup bag and workout gear. Select a bag with strong, wide straps that won't cut into your shoulder blades. A cross-body bag takes pressure off a your back and shoulders. And if you're stuffing it with everything you own, stop! You shouldn't carry more than 10 percent  of your body weight.

Body Shapers That Put the Squeeze On

Body shapers are best if they aren't too small and if you don't wear them too long. Shapewear that's too tight can direct to blood pooling in your lower legs and increase your risk of varicose veins. If you wear a shaper that controls curves, take it off and lie or sit down with your legs raised for at least half an hour. Do that to times a day.

Too-High Heels

Sadly, we can't detain bunions or corns that come from wearing high heels. The best way to save your feet from painful foot troubles is to wear a flat shoe -- with a foot-supporting insert. Save the stilettos for special occasions only. If you just can't work a flat into your wardrobe, skip high heels with pointy toes and stick with heels under 2 1/4 inches.

Flats Can Make Arches Ache

Sometimes flats hurt, too. The cause your feet hurt while wearing ballet flats is they offer little to no rear-arch support. If you have flat feet, wearing this kind of shoe will hurt less. But if your feet have more of an arch, they'll thank you if you slip them into a shoe that gives more arch support. Look for ballet flats with elastic around the top. They grip your foot better.

Itchy Wool Sweaters

Some fabrics, such as  wool, can cause skin rashes because they irritate the skin. But other clothes you wear can even cause an itchy feeling, too. Layer your woolen sweaters over fitted, long-sleeve cotton shirts so you don't scratch all day. And keep your skin moisturized, because dry skin tends to be itchier.

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